Jan 6, 2012

He's a maniac... maniac

Sammer Jam keeps us hop hop hoppin' all day long.  
He wanted to wear this fancy headband... so we went ahead and let him.

Sammers newest development is how he likes to get in trouble, and then report to an adult about what he has done.  If he knows something is a "no no" he will attempt it and then bring the evidence or yell from the scene of the crime.  He is usually yelling, "Nana! Nana!" in a semi panicked voice.  He loves the attention he gets, and then he runs around saying, "no no no no." to himself.  It is quite amusing.  We probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as we do because it is going to burn us in the end, but we can't resist the need laugh at this little ball of energy.  The best is when he points his finger at himself and said, "no no no!"

These pictures were taken before he started making his latest facial expression... THE SCOUL! or as we like to call it, his "mad doggin" face.  It's pretty much to die for- you'll see.

When he is not destroying something he really is the funnest kid to have around.  He loves to play and giggle and rough house all day long.  He can carryout a conversation in his own little way, and says the most random words perfectly.  He wants to help me doing everything, and is the epitome of monkey see monkey do.  

We sure love you Sammers!

My brother in law emailed me this clip... he caught a little of Sam's craziness on his fancy phone.


Stefenie said...

This made me giggle! What an adorably handsome little trouble maker you have there! Ha!

Brimaca said...

So cute!!! Crazy is the best!