Jan 27, 2011

It was a busy night

Ellie lost a tooth last night, but the tooth fairy doesn't come unless you are sleeping in your bed. That is the rule we told her when we woke up this morning to a tearful little girl who's tooth was still placed soundly in the tiny red satchel she had placed it in the night before.  It seemed like a logical explanation for why her lame parents tooth fairy failed to deposit a silver dollar coin under her pillow the night before. 

Once she realized that she had indeed slept on her make shift bed on her floor she dried her eyes and got ready for school.  Oh the shame of parenting! 

During the bed time routine this evening Jensen really wanted his two front teeth to come out.  They have been "wiggly" for weeks, and he was ready for a visit from the tooth fairy.  He is a mommy snob when it comes to teeth removal.  He wants me to take them out....with tweezers.  I convinced him to let me just pull instead of using the tweezers.  After moving one tooth to the side, I could see the new tooth coming in and thought with one big tug it could come out.  He was really nervous and didn't want any of the options I came up with for trying to get it out.  John suggested tying it to his ceiling fan and letting it fly out.  The only option in his book was allowing mommy to extract it.  Once the crowd left we came up with a brilliant plan.

I would yank the tooth out and then he would waltz into daddy asking him to take his tooth out.  He was wildly excited about tricking his dad, so he closed his eyes and said, "Ok mom, let's do it."  After his tooth popped out he walked into our bedroom and pulled his trick.  Jense definitely got the response he was looking for from his dad.  He was on cloud nine with his trickery!  Once we finished filming the ordeal we settled back down getting ready for the tooth fairy.  Jense wrote her a note explaining the whole process... my kids like to give the whole story (wonder where they get that from).

Suddenly we had the brilliant idea of getting the other tooth out and doing the same thing to daddy.  In one tug, that tooth was out and he was more excited about this than Christmas morning. Once he reached his dad again, he nonchalantly (that's how I coached him) asked his dad, "Hey, dad... wanna see my missing tooth one last time?"  Then he revealed is second missing tooth.  Daddy once again delivered a performance of shock and awe.  He was mostly in shock that his wife could pull someones teeth out back to back without blinking an eye. 

Jense was so proud of his shenanigans.  He went to bed toothless and as happy as a clam.  Let's just hope that the tooth fairy doesn't slip up two nights in a row.  He has his teeth placed in an envelope with accompanying explanation directly under his pillow under his head.  I'm pretty sure it would be over for him if the tooth fairy didn't show up on a "two toof" night. The best thing about him missing both of his front teeth is how it affects his speech.

-Off to be the fairy...before I forget.  I am curious though, how much/what does your tooth fairy leave behind for your children's teeth? We give them a silver dollar...the very same coins that John got as a kid. We will probably run out soon.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

Our amount was determined by our neighbors. You see the night that we learned that Kaidence was getting a new heart we farmed out the kids to our neighbors. That ended up also being the first lost tooth of our parenthood. I was already an emotional mess and yes I cried because I wasn't there to play the part. The neighbor's tooth fairy gave 2 quarters. Well, a couple of months ago my other boy lost his first tooth while staying at my parents. That tooth fairy gave dollar bills (pretty sure it must not be the same tooth fairy I had growing up) I guess we better up the rate for teeth. Maybe if that tooth has cavaties, they should get nothing. Too mean? I guess.

The Simmons Family said...

We do coins too. It seems like "MORE". We've done 4 shiny quarters. or a crisp dollar bill or two.

It's totally more about the excitmenet that the tooth fairy actually came.. than what she brought.

Good Luck. We've had to use the excuse that the tooth fairy doesn't come on the weekends because she's off work. Major parent fail there. :)

cici said...

I remember when I was small, an array of nickles and dimes brought huge excitement.
When my kids were small I'm afraid (like many parents) I over did it, even adding silver sprinkles and even left small gifts sometimes. You know what makes your children happy and you go with your heart and you can't go wrong. especially if they've been behaving ;)

Erin said...

I'm impressed! My Ellie was SO dramatic and SO protective of getting that second front tooth out! It took weeks and was literally hanging on by a thread! So WAY TO GO JENSE!!! He looks SO cute!

Sarah said...

Look at your cute toothless kids! I love that you forgot, I've almost forgotten a couple of times, it is too easy to do! :) The tooth fairy leaves a dollar bill around here, I think the silver dollar is really fun!

Kelli said...

we give a silver dollar and a fifty cent piece. not that they are worth more than a dollar but they both are unique in that the kids never see either of those monies and good teaching items.

Beth said...

It was good seeing you today. Great party!!
Love the tooth story!
Karissa and Ellie are darling. Thanks again for taking her. She loved it.
Sammer Jam is stinkin' cute!
Love your blog!