Mar 1, 2011

I am rejecting the news about rejection

I got a call today letting me know that Mia was still in rejection, but we wouldn't be given a number or any other information until tomorrow.  The doctors and pathologists need to get together.  They will call me tomorrow afternoon. 

Is there an option where I can reject the rejection?  Object? project? any word really except reject?

I am still planning on good news tomorrow, but I did consume a healthy portion, and when i say healthy we're talking a solid 1/5th of one of the All American Chocolate cakes from the Costco bakery.  It was good.

The icing on the cake to my "stellar" (insert sarcasm here) day was when I picked up two broken hearted kids from school today who did not make the school play.  Jense said, "mom, I didn't get a part" in the most pitiful sad voice ever!  My heart was broken for a second time in one hour.  Ellie was sad too, and asked me why they didn't pick her.  She quickly recovered with the prospect of going to a cousins house.  Watching my children feel rejected was awful. We talked a lot about it on the way home, and I think my consoling them somehow convinced myself of the same lessons.  

Parenting is hard!  Rejection is hard!- both for transplanted organs and not getting picked for the play. It is so difficult for me to see their sad faces, but disappointment is part of life...and it makes us stronger.  Mia doesn't know she is in rejection and doesn't have a care in the world, but I am so disappointed.  Can I opt out of the adult role for awhile? or at least today? If my parents could have seen my face when I heard the news about Mia I am sure they would have felt the same way I did as the parent of my kids getting bad news.  I am new at this. My kids have never been turned away from an experience, but I suppose I have been a parent of a girl in rejection for a few months now.  After raising 6 girls, and witnessing their disappointments, my parents somehow made it out alive- and I'm sure I will too.  I'm just such a softy.     

After Ellie left to her cousins Jense and I went on a mommy/Jensen date.  We actually just went to the grocery store, but we both enjoyed our time.  He weighed all of our produce (something I have never done) and marked everything off his homemade list.  I think his troubles melted away somewhere between me telling him that if he could find the artichokes we could buy some, and when I let him pick any cereal he wanted.  

So mom, dad... If you buy me whatever I want it might make me feel better.  :-)



Julie Pederson said...


I know that hearing the "R" word was so discouraging in respect to Mia's heart. It may take awhile to get back to zero, but we are still praying that she is well on her way. We are praying that today brings news that her number is improving!

And, condolences to Jense and to Ellie. WHO would NOT want them in their show? Crazy!

Love and Prayers,

Kaidence's Mommy said...

SAD:( Hang in there.

Kim Allgood said...

Mimi, I am so sorry for the rough day! How disappointing! Bring a grown up really stinks some times!

I'll be praying for you,

Sarah said...

Boo! I am so, so sad to hear Mia's still in rejection! I am praying that your phone call this afternoon is good news. And I'm so sorry that Jensen and Ellie didn't make the school play! I'm so sad about it! Being a mom is so hard, I love that you and Jensen had such a fun date to the grocery store together to cheer him up. I wish I were closer to take you somewhere fun to cheer you up! I'm sorry for all the bad news, Meemers!

I also wish I was there to set google reader up for you! You are so funny. I will post every day (fingers crossed!) until my birthday, and then I will send you special emails to let you know when I post because I love you :)

Here's to better news today!!

cici said...

What a sweet post. There is nothing harder than seeing your child being rejected in any form. I say why not have your own play and invite a few friends? Make them the stars. They can even write the script! So much fun.
I think it is terrible that everyone is not included in the school plays.
I remember not being picked for teams and feeling very bad about myself, but when it happened to my children I became sad and ANGRY as I did not want their self esteem affected.
No one knows what it does to self image so sorry about Mia and I will Pray for uplifting news tomorrow.
Lot's of good thought coming your way!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what a cute but sad post. sorry your family had so much rejection yesterday. i was so sad when i got your txt. praying for better news this afternoon. wish i could buy you whatever you want! :)

Kelli said...

I think rejection of a heart is different than rejection of a kidney, either way I feel your pain. Praying for you all! I think your parents should buy you something also. Maybe a trip to dineyland for the entire family with a special nanny for evenings so mom and dad can play at disneyland like kids without a care. Hugs

Katie said...

So sorry to hear this news! I feel for you...sorry about your stinky day. As always, Miss Mia is in our prayers and thoughts and hopefully there is a way to get her out of rejection! We love's to better days :) Hang in there.
Katie & Maddie (and family)

Talia said...

We are praying for you and hope the number is super low!
Heart hugs,

Mimi said...

Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it. We still don't have any real info, but I'm hoping tomorrow all will be explained.