Feb 3, 2011

I could have sworn it was still January

I have spend the last 48 hours feeling supper crummy.  Instead of catching up on my blog I watched an embarrassing number of Veronica Mars episodes.  It was a recommendation from an anonymous source...

Here are a few little snippets from the week to catch you up- not that you need caught up :-)

 Mia pretty much lives in her Olivia dress up clothes she received from her loving at Nat.  Ellie dresses her up non stop.  I thought it would be awhile before Mia started playing dress up.  I guess we needed Olivia attire to bridge the gap to full on princess dresses. More heart updates to come, but doesn't she totally look like a steroid baby now?

John got this wet suit for a baby.  I didn't see the point myself, until I saw her in it.  We laughed and laughed and laughed. Don't worry mom we are not going to try out her water skiing legs any time soon... if ever.
This might as well be her SUPER SUIT! She made it an entire month on steroids and didn't get as much as a sniffle!  SUPER SUIT!!

The caption for this picture was going to be the title of my post, but I didn't want my parents to take it the wrong way.  But ok... here it is... you ready?

Caption for this picture:

Ever feel like you were born into the wrong family?

Little Jammer spends a lot of time in this stroller.  The three olders take turns pushing him around... and usually he loves it and is thrilled about all of the attention.  I caught him alone and abandoned by his siblings- poor baby! no pants, no chauffeur, just blueberry covered jammies and a pink buggy to boot.
John really is into this cliff hanger thing.  Good thing the kids think it is funny! 

Jense is really into school right now! He runs in the door and proudly announces... "mommmm, I have a surprise for ya!" I try not to get my hopes up, but I always do!  He says this every day, and when he revels his folder full of papers for me and yells "surprise" I can't quite decide if he is trying to mess with me or is genuinely excited for me to see all of the PTA announcement of the day.  Actually, I do know.  This is just who he is.  He is genuinely excited about every little thing he brings home from school.  It is just the gift that keeps on giving! I will continue to be jazzed about those fliers/ attendance reports as long as he is thrilled to "surprise" me with them. My surprise yesterday was a stack of "extra" work papers he brought home so he could play "school at home." I love this kid!

Oh, yep... there is Olivia herself..with her little "bother" in her stoller.  The kids love making "under the table" part of the track.  Unfortunately they keep forgetting that they are taller than the table.. and I kiss a lot of bonked heads, but I'm not going to stop them from thinking outside the box.... er rectangle.
Jense is our resident dishwasher unload-er.  In true McDonald style... this task has a few different names.  We call it his "everyday job"  and it has been for over a year now except for when he negotiates for a different one from time to time.  Lately, he his shortened his task to his "everyday." In college a co-ed teased me for basically taking the dictionary and cutting it in half. Hopefully my kids will not suffer too much.

Ellie's "everyday" is not making jelly toast... she is pretty good at her "everyday" and has made vast improvements in her room keeping abilities. 

Maybe this should have been a separate post, but I'm going for it.  Jense, who is all school and no play is now decorating the walls of our home with verbs, noun charts.  He is taking school very seriously... incorporating it into home decor and all.

This one is on his door.

 Speaking of hanging things on doors.  He hung this on Ellie's door.  Interpretation is up to you. The most interesting part is they made this together.... hmmmmm.  Maybe the paper monster is... arrow, arrow, arrow... BAD! It has been there since Christmas.

-If you are going to spend all day or two or three in bed... what TV series would you choose to watch, that you have never watched?  Would you stop reading my blog if I tell you that I have only seen one episode of the office?  I know I know, but ridicule if you must. It can't be worse that the "unpatriotic" comments I've received about not seeing any of the star wars movies from start to finish.


The Hands said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with markered paper hung from my walls and doors! And "the baby in the stroller episode" cracked me up. Good thing I can laugh at your family while I stress at mine for doing the same things. Good therapy.

Brimaca said...

That was fun to learn that about Jense. I think that's how my oldest will be, he's all about school. We'll see....:) I really do love your blog.