Feb 21, 2011

New Life

This past year I have been to three births, well four if you count my birthing experience with Slammer. Yes, let's count it because I was definitely there.

New life, first cries, love at first sight, helpless bonding, I felt so priveledge to witness it all.

A few weeks back I mentioned I had witnesses a miracle that night.  This was the miracle I was referring to.  I was at the birth of my sweet little nephew.  It was incredible.  All of it.  These pictures are only a small fraction of the memories of that night.  Many of my favorites I decided not to post.  Perhaps if I end up doing this more often I will post a pregnant belly now and again.

I am around these two often and know of their love for each other. The birth of their son was no exception. In fact I almost felt like an intruder on the love fest. I had to remind myself that I was there at a birth and not a wedding.  It was refreshing to witness their stolen glances and affection.  Dylan was so supportive and tuned out everything but his bride... I mean wife.  Meet baby 4 for these two loves birds. Oh and if you haven't read enough about them this past year, or don't remember, this is my sister in law... John's baby sis.  We call her "Beeps."

When you scroll through pictures for the first time, especially when you are crying behind the camera... you are hoping for at least one money shot.  This picture was the money shot of my girl friend Jaime's shoot.  I am in love with this picture!  I have a few captions that could go along with this picture, but my favorite is... "look what we made, honey!"  I love the look in her eyes and the curious expression on daddy's face.  I love this picture- and I love this girl!  "Jaime Buddy" was one of my first friends here.  After talking with her one time I knew I had to be her friend. It was such a treat to be at her daughters birth. 

Jaime had the most perfect birth.  Her baby girl just came right out... no struggle...no holding off...she didn't even wait for the doctor.  I was ready to put the camera down and catch the baby, but luckily the doctor ran in the room and without even gloving up caught Jaime's 4th little bundle of sweetness.  It was a miracle, and felt so privileged to be there.   

I can't really take any credit for these pictures.  My friend was responsible for setting her own camera the way she wanted, and then handed it to me to click away.  I don't really know if this counts as any kind of photography talent... she even did her own editing.  It was a beautiful experience, and one I will never forget.  Little B was born just a couple weeks before Sam, and I distinctly remember him kicking me when B came out.  Maybe it's because I was squishing him from squatting next to the tub, but I think he was celebrating her arrival. 

Having the two older sisters present was priceless. I loved watching all of the family members take in their new arrival.  The faces of the girls changed rapidly and included many different emotions.  Once little B was ready to come out, we went to wake up the girls and in a matter of minutes the baby was out.  It was beautiful.  The girls were in love... I was in love.  This was the first birth I witnessed, and after this experience was ready for more. I was honored to be there, and was happy that I could finally take pictures for someone that has taken plenty of pictures for me.  She is a fabulous photographer and let's me tag along on some shoots. 

One thing that all of these women had in common was how quickly their babies arrived once it was time to push.  I was in shock with how quickly it went... with all of them.  These ladies are wonder women!  They made child labor look like a walk in the park.  I have always had passive labors, but after watching these girls I am certain that having a baby is a piece of cake!! :-)  Just kidding.  I know better, they just made it look so easy and their babies were more than willing to make their debut. 

If you need a photographer at your birth... I'm your girl.  I will try not to cry... I swear.  Although the other day when I found out that my little sister's fetal echo was flawless I may have cried for awhile when we got off the phone.  I was so happy and couldn't contain the tears. It's a personal victory for me somehow.  This is not typical of my emotional state... it's just a baby/sister/fetal echo thing.     


Crystal said...

Mimi I want you to take pictures of us. How much would you charge me? I want pictures of the boys as well as a family session (in a month when Iose the rest of the weight!) Do you think you would be willing to come take pictures for their baby blessing? Let me know what it would cost! Thanks

BarbaraJo said...

Wow...I love hearing birth stories. I think that is one of my favorite things to do...give birth! Miracle!

Erin said...

Amazing pictures Mimi! Seeing these pictures and hearing those stories makes me wish SO BAD that I didn't have to have my babies via c-section. Child birth is so miraculous!

Mimi said...


I would love to take pictures for you. I will email you some info.

Rebecca said...

Incredible, friend! These are priceless, perfect captures!

Anne said...

I can't thank you enough for being there and taking such amazing shots. thanks you!