Feb 24, 2011

The party- a picture story.

 Once Again, here is Ellie enjoying her birthday minute with her sis. 

Mia was succesful blowing out the candles for the FIRST TIME!  I can't wait for her 3rd birthday.  Now that she is all practiced up. Ellie is a Gem.  She did blow some of those candles and hopefully made a wish.  I think her wish definitely came true to have a great party... she loved it.  The pictures to prove it:

The gymnastics party would not be complete with out the big hanging rope.
There were a few close calls with kids getting lit up with a flying body... but everyone made it out.

Mia's favorite spot was the trampoline... more on this in a sec

Sam's grandpa face...daddy gave him a comb over.

Sam goin' for 8 seconds. Doesn't he look like a rider?

Still committing to one hand in the air.  He knows that you get eliminated if you hold on with more than one hand.
I can only giggle...nothing to say.

Jense was busy acting like a caged animal the entire time.  He was pink cheeked and out of breathe every time I saw him.

Mia surprised us with her ability to hold onto the rope.  She loved it... and insisted on it.  Until... her legs slipped.  She was fine. Nothing stops this girl!

The parachut was a big hit for all the kids.  Mia squeeled under there and kept saying, "oh ball, oh ball."

Ellie's big request was to have everyone sit on the parachute and sing twinkle twinkle.  She had a few other suggestions as well, and enjoyed running the show for a minute.

We had two special quests come a demonstrate some routines for the party guests.  They are soo cute! and talented!

After the awesome gymnastics tricks Ellie got to work on her own tricks.  She is so impressionable.  This was an instant reaction.  I love it.  She stopped running around with her friends for a minute and dedicated her time to practice up.

Have to have a signature Ellie and Karrissa shot.  

Lady and the tramp

Ok... here is the story... a little scary... a little surprising...but very adorable.

After the cake, candles, and ice cream we were all relaxing watching Ellie open her gifts.  Mia was sitting there with her dad watching the gift reveals and then directly after the gifts was the pinata.  It was a pull string pinata so it went quickly, but while we were cleaning up I went back into the gymnastics room (we were in a neighboring room that leads to the gymnastics room via a storage closet) to retreive my shoes.  When I entered the massive room there was not a sole in sight, but there was Mia jumping on the tramp with a sucker in her mouth.  Somehow post pinata she snuck back in BY HERSELF to relive her glory days of freedom on the long trampoline.  I just sat down on the mat next to her and watched her for a few minutes.  She was so happy.  I almost cried.  Then I took her sucker... cause it touched the tramp.  Luckily we had the place to ourselves, but it's good to know that when given the opportunity she will go exploring.

"Bombs Away!" Jens mastered the tricks into the foam pit.

Dreamy eyed girl.  She is thinking of the tramp.

Ellie got to wear Ella's grips to try them out on the bars.  She loved her party and loved her gifts.  She has been playing non stop with all of her gifts.  Thanks to everyone who came, she felt so special!


The Simmons Family said...

What a great party!! I love to see Mia jumping on the tramp.. I can't wait to see Owen do that one day! The energy.. the skill.. the thrill.. it's all in the little things.

Brimaca said...

Almost every single one of your posts makes me smile.