Feb 28, 2011

Sam's Do's... and Do Not's

Hello Handsome!  Welcome to the blog where John and I give Sam some awesome hair styles laughing like little kids the entire time.  Don't worry... we did this to Jense all the time when he was a baby.  Some of these hair-do's have corresponding songs that must be sung.

The Wave

The crazy

The Grandpa

Half Justin Beaver half high winds from behind and 100% please give me a haircut

"Numba NINE"

Paisley Head


Samantha #2  - we're so mean
He did not like us giving him girl hair- and a bow? dude, mom... dad!
He even had tears, but we managed a smile.

"The Claw"

This is a tribute to my bangs grades 6- 10 ish


"I've lost my mind"

"On the wings of love"

Wannabe Mohawk
Cupie doll

Comb over with some flare

I mean duck tail... aahhoooo!


"Ok, ok... this is fun"

"but, can I be done?"

"Just keep feeding me and I can be here all day!"
Ok, he actually has two hair styles that he wears naturally that we didn't get to- they are: "college boy," which is hard to distinguish in this photo, but close enough, and....

this one's for you dad-  the FLYIN' O. He has Flyin' O (my dad's brand) hair pretty much everyday.  Who knew a baby with a crazy cowlick in the front of his head could have so many hair-do's?


jayna said...

Parenting 101...Fail.

Blogging 101...5 stars.

Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

Hahaha! I love it! Look at that Sammers rocking so many different looks. Look out ladies! :)

Heather and Tim said...

Loved this post, Mimi and John! So cute! Loved seeing the photos of Ellie's bday too! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! I miss you guys, we need to get together soon! As soon as our colds clear up! )

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

loved this post! who knew you could do so many hair styles on one lil' kiddo. you guys really make some cute babies! so funny he is crying in the samantha ones!

Kelli said...

I LOVE samatha hair! he is so boy looking but with samatha hair, if you had put him in pink (well even brown) he kindof looked like a sweet girl, esp with tears. OH MY HECK standing on his dads hands. heart attack. hehe

Princess Pookie said...

I have been tempted several times to put a bow on Berks head!

Mimi said...

He could pass as a girl huh? Sometimes John does call him Samantha. He is not allowed to do that for long.