Feb 16, 2011

Valentines Day

 Valentines day was sweet.  ke he. I did get a rockin surprise from my man.  Somehow he found time to create "friendship bracelets" for each member of the family.  Who knew my husband could channel his middle school talents and hook us up with a family set of braided embroidery thread.  In all seriousness I am impressed. AND in love with this man.  He threw me off bringing home a bunch of chocolate.  I was not expecting these adorable gifts, only shameful amounts of chocolate.  Come to think of it... where is that chocolate?  Sammy's is my favorite. It's so little and manly. 

Smencils... please tell me you've heard of them.  I luuuuuv smencils. The school did smencil grams this year and the kids got two each.  Someone loves them!  A few weeks back I was talking about smelling pencils and I got a few strange looks.  No one in the room had heard of smencils.  Naturally I thought they must have been mistaken or had severely missed out on one of the joys of childhood. Who hasn't had the pleasure of the yummy smelling delight of using a smencil?  Then after the smencils game home I had a few more conversations where I was the one explaining what it was... including John.  Am I the only one out there who loves the smencil?  If you must have one... and you must!  I think the package says smencil.com I recommend the watermelon... and black cherry.  The real bonus of the smencil is the smell of the paper after using one.  I just may have written his valentine with a smencil.

One of Ellie's gifts was a karaoke game.  This girl and performing are a match. She took a stab at lion kings "Hakuna Matata." After listening to the encore...she knew a few of the lyrics and excelled in breathing into the mic and sining "aaaaaaaa in low pitch.

I was cracking up at my little nephew who was more interested in the consumption of the mic than the Disney songs up on the screen.  This is what I call dedication!  They came over to sing happy birthday Ellie and ended up singing some Disney... well one of them. :-)

To celebrate love day John's Dad and step mom host a Valentines dinner every year.  It is always lovely! The food was delicious and the company was fabulous as well!

We had so much fun!  I even came home with movie tickets!  Thanks Carol and Vern! 


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

how fun! lucky you, what movie ya gonna see? love the friendship bracelets...super cute. i'm sorry to say i've never heard of a smencil...

morgan said...

i have like 20 different scents in smencils!!!