Mar 29, 2011

City Girls

Nat came into town.  She bought her plane ticket before we found out that we would be moving.  We'll take her anytime!  EVEN if we will live close to her in a month and some change. 

I decided that I needed to go visit "the needle" before leaving this state.  I have lived here for almost 7 years and I have never been to the top.  JB never wanted to take me because he had previously boycotted the place due to a "bad experience" eating at the restaurant way back when.  Soooo- I will take my sister who doesn't have a bad attitude :-) is unscathed by the space needle.  I asked this guy who was there taking pictures to snap this one of us. I said, "can you just barely put us in the shot and mostly get the buildings in the background?"  Didn't he do a good job? ;-)

While we were in the gift shop we spotted the most delicious noodles known to man... the SPACE NOODLE!!! This is my aunt's company and we couldn't resist taking a bunch of pictures with her noodles.  And now, a narrative:

Oh look Lan, this shelf is nearly empty... you must send more noodles! more noodles! more noodles NOW!

Hey! That is the last bag of space noodles, and I had them first!

Oh no you didn't, I'm out of here!  Not so fast noodle stealer!  

the end.

Yes, we asked another unsuspecting tourist to take pictures of our shenanigans.  We like to have fun, and don't mind getting others involved.  Lani, I hope you liked our awesome narrative.

At the experience music project I saw this poster which would have normally meant nothing to me, but this is exactly what my dad calls Sam.  "Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs."  Not just "Sam the Sham," the entire thing.  My dad should get paid for his nicknaming! His nicknaming was definitely inherited by his daughters.

It was beautiful at the top!  On the ride up, I got a little scared. Not gonna lie.   Funny thing about elevators... when they are glass on one side and you can see how high you are going up- it is completely different from riding one in a building.

Speaking of buildings. The City truly is beautiful.  The surrounding water definitely adds to its beauty. I do love the city, but will NOT miss driving to it all the time.  I have been driving up once a week for Mia's apts, and could use a stretch without seeing Seattle.

This building made for a lot of fun picture taking.  I will spare you from the 30 I took. 

I do love this one though!  

When I was taking this picture, a child on roller blades did NOT see me standing there.  Jense currently spends 6-7 hours a day on roller blades so I know how quickly control can fly out the window.

Good Bye Space Needle! You were everything I hoped you would be!  Some day I will bring my children back to meet you.   Am I talking to the space needle? 


Brimaca said...

You're funny. :)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said... cute! glad you had fun with your sis and that you'll be close to her soon...even though i will miss you tons! love your noodle narrative. wish i could've seen the picture takers face