Apr 5, 2011

Countdown to 30

This is my attempt to say good-bye to my twenties.  I am going to try, but don't hold me to it, to blog EVERYDAY until I turn 30.  30 days of blogging...this could get a little crazy.Oh, wait... I'm already a day behind.  woopsie.  OK, so 29 days of blogging.  I blog mostly about my kids, so I am going to try and branch out while I'm still in my twenties :-)  Once 30 hits... it's back to the kids! 

Day 1-

I am not branching out yet... this post is about my kids.  and my religion.  When I watched general conference this past weekend I thought a lot about my life.  I love general conference- if you missed it, go HERE and watch/listen/read  you will be inspired I promise.  All of the messages touched my heart.  John and I were sitting there listening to Richard G. Scott's message on sunday afternoon, and John, bless his heart had to walk out of the room because of story he was telling about his heart baby.  I was sitting there with the children and couldn't help but be overcome with gratitude that Mia was born when she was.  I had to explain later that sometimes conference makes us cry.  I encourage you to listen to his message... and try not to cry :-)

I think Ellie was worried about my emotional state during conference because during the prayer when conference was mentioned I heard her say "conference" underneath her breathe as if she was remembering that mom was crying.

I think Ellie might have gotten all of the dominant emotional genes.  For example, last night I didn't have anything great planned for FHE (yes after just watching general conference) :-)  so we watched a bunch of church videos/ Mormon messages on youtube.  The one I think that affected her the most was THIS one. She asked if we could take something to this family.  Then she got all teary eyed watching THIS one.  I love her! Tonight she kept asking me to watch more.   

This weekend was so inspiring and enlightening.  I am so happy! I am so happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I am excited about my 30 29 day countdown.  Think I can do it?

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