Mar 7, 2011

Holding Pattern

I know some of you have been waiting for some news.  
I don't have much in the way of "answers" but there are a few tidbits I received from the doctors this week.  

Mia's biopsy results came back at a 2R (moderate)

That means she didn't get better, but we're thinking she didn't get worse.  Remember last time they thought she was a 1R, but after the doctor looked he decided it was a 2R?

They sent off the tiny pieces they took of her heart during biopsy to the University of Washington.  We'll see if something comes back different.

Last week they ran some more blood work to see if the herpes virus could possibly be hanging on still and causing problems, and also to test her immune cell function.  

Herpes came back negative, and her immune cell function is too high.... meaning she is not suppressed enough- AGAIN!  They didn't go up on her drug level yet.  I think they just want to get the rest of the results back and make a plan.  She is showing no signs of rejection and her BNP and CBC and all other levels are great! so everyone is scratching their heads.  

We will go in on Wednesday and hopefully make another plan.  I don't know if it will be another round of steroids... or IV steroids- I have no idea.  I am taking all of my questions with me on Wednesday, and hopefully we can get this girl back where she needs to be. 

She is sure happy and polite!
She spends the day bringing me things and loudly announcing: "Thank You!" "You're Welcome!" over and over again.  Her little voice saying "you're welcome" is about the sweetest thing I have ever heard.  She even said, "thank you" after her last blood draw- AND it was take two for her labs.  Yes, they forgot to draw one tube so we had to go back and get another poke five minutes later. Poor girl.  I am learning so much from this peanut!


Julie Pederson said...


I have eagerly been awaiting news on Miss Mia. I'm sorry she didn't just get that big ZERO we all want for her. What good news, though, that in spite of the rejection number and the fact that they don't think she's suppressed enough, her heart is still functioning so well and she has no signs of rejection. She's a tough one, that beautiful girl. We will continue to pray that they figure her out! And, that she continues strong. (And, that you remain sane!)

Love and Prayers,

PS...I bet her "You're Welcome" is VERY special!

Kristen said...

Mom just told me the news as I haven't followed blogs for months. I am sorry for Mia and hope things get answered and helped. Congrats on the other news. Love the change you made in your blog and the photo splash.