Apr 22, 2011

Biopsy Shmyopsy

It was biopsy day today.  First off, I've decided that my 30 day challenge is turning into more of a family LOG than a family BLOG.  I'm cool with that.  I had some awesome topics in my head that I was planning on writing about, but alas...my kids crowd out anything else that may potential sneak in. I'm ok with that too.

For example, biopsy day.  I woke up cursing the alarm clock.  Don't get me wrong... I love being "first case" but with the commute and factoring in traffic I barely hi-five'd my bed last night.  As usual Mia was a little sweetheart.  She proudly announced "BYE" to anyone who came in (and there are always a lot of pre-op folks).  It was her way of politely asking them to just turn around and leave the way they came in.  "Bye Bye" is her new word for "No thanks."  Every night when I ask her if she wants to go to bed she tells me, "bye-bye ni-night."  or, I get a lot of "bye-bye nuggle" (snuggle).

Once she was carried off to the cath lab, I went out to wait for the pager to go off.  I should have tried to sleep, but I just sat and watched people come into the hospital and check in.  There are so many kids that come in and out of that hospital everyday- it is incredible!  The last couple times we have gone up to the hospital we have been greeted by hundreds and hundreds of pinwheels lining the sidewalks.  It is beautiful.  If the wind is blowing and all the pinwheels are moving, that is an added bonus.  It's nice feeling peaceful as you head in.  While waiting to be called back I overheard a mom of a little girl also waiting for surgery, saying she wished she could just take her place and do it for her.  Most parents I think would opt for this if it were an option, but I was just thinking the same thing moments before she said it out loud.  It was a bizarre coincidence.  

After I people watched for awhile, and texted some friends, my pager went off.  It was a good thing too because I could not stop crying.  The sweetest little boy stole my heart and I could stop the tears. That's another story.

Dr Rubio, who I might add is quite easy on the eyes, came in and told me that everything went great.  Her numbers, pressures, everything looked exactly the same.  Granted her numbers have always looked great from the beginning and when I say look the same it is not indicative of rejection. They took 4 medium samples and 1 small sample from her heart.  I hate this part.  I hate knowing that they take samples from the heart muscle.  I just think about all the little pieces they've taken and all the scarring because of it.  It really isn't that bad, but it is taking snippets of heart from my baby!   

Once I was able to see her again she was extremely groggy.  Then her grogginess turned in the grumpyness then she fell back asleep and the cycle continued until she fully woke up.  Once she wanted to talk the first thing she said was, "Come (which means can I come with you) daddy"  She was asking me to take her home to see her daddy. Sooo sweet!

We didn't have to wait in recovery that long because they acccessed her through her neck which doesn't require flat time.  It was nice to get on our way before traffic starts to get unruly.  When we got home she wanted to watch a bubble guppy, then it was off to bed.  Poor thing was beat.

The results will not be in until Monday, but I'm expecting that 'good friday' will produce an even better Monday.  Happy Good Friday!  It is a beautiful day here in WA!


Talia said...

I am so glad to hear that Mia's biopsy went well. Thinking of you all!

Katie said...

Thinking of you too- I'm sure waiting for those results is agonizing! Happy to hear she handled it like a champ, she's such a little rock-star :) Have a wonderful Easter!