Apr 5, 2011

A cake demolition party and a little about the destroyer

Sammer's first birthday was a hit! We went with a little buckeroo theme.

He gave his birthday party a big thumbs up.

Sam got this belt from his "papa" at Christmas time.  This was the perfect occasion to wear his big boy cowboy belt. 

He was the cutest little birthday boy.  
He cooperated with all the picture taking crazies (me and my friend Rebeca- thanks a million!)

Grandma Conway brought some boots for him to wear.  Jense had some cowboy boots at this age, but I don't know where they went.  Grandma found these just in the time for the big party. Thanks Grandma.

Ok, one old time photo just to go with the theme. 

First up, Sam is standing!  He can hold a solid stance for about 15 seconds then he gets bored and wants to move on so he squats back down and crawls away, or stays squatting.  We like to call him "squatter." His standing is just adorable.  I think he would stand more if he wasn't afraid of Mia... more on this later. 

"Ta Da!" Ride em' cowboy.  He is such a ham!

Sam is so fun right now.  He goes non stop and only pauses briefly to eat and nap.  If he is awake, he is on the go.  I guess I shouldn't say briefly because he logs in a solid 14 hrs of sleep each night.  I think he gets so worn out from acting like a maniac during the day that he sleeps so soundly at night.  He also still takes two naps.  He needs his sleep- that is for sure.

"Woah woah woah, these people left me with the thing... and there is a flame on it."

"hmmm it looks a little sticky, but I put everything I touch into my mouth... soooo" 

"I'll give it a shot, and I'll just go ahead and put my foot on it too...while I'm at it."

"This cake is delicious!"

"I better use two hands... much faster that way."

"and they're all just standing there, watching me!"

Sammer had no problem completely annihilating his cake.  Within seconds it was turning into a pile of crumbs and frosting. I think he thought he had to hurry before it was taken away.  He is definitely the product of three older siblings.  

Just like my other kids (exception Mia) he ate more than I would think he could fit inside his little tummy. 
Sammers with all of his cousins- and a couple friends. 

I turned around and found him sitting on a chair solo gearing up for musical chairs. No, he did not get there by himself, I think one of his older siblings were trying to help him out. 

Daddy jumped in and played musical chairs with me.  

Ellie took Mia around playing musical chairs.  They almost made it to the final round. 
My little steroid girl :-)

Grandma always includes a fun homemade card with every birthday gift.  We love these cards and have saved all of them.

We sure love you Slammy, Samilander, Sham wow, Sammamish, Sam I am!  I cannot believe that a year has passed since you arrived and your dad played an April Fools joke on everyone telling them you were a girl.  Here are a few snippits I want to remember about you at this age:  (if you're still reading.. bravo!)

- You stand up in your crib and greet us when we come to get you after sleeping
- You love to snuggle and love finding cozy places to be.  You crawl on top of pillows and lay down, and love to crawl around and find a pile of folded laundry to fall backwards onto.  The other day there was a pillow on the bottom shelf of Mia's bookshelf and you climbed into her bookshelf and layed on top of the pillow.  It was adorable!
- You want to be outside all of the time.  When I walk back inside with you, I almost drop you from the extreme back arching and head thrashing.  Usually after I swing with you on the porch swing for a good 20 minutes you are cool with going back in.
- We burn a lot of time on the porch swing.  We can go out there even when it's raining. I love to roll you up in a blanket and swing with you.  You rest perfectly on my shoulder and I soak it up.
- For some reason you LOVE to watch the washing machine.  I often find you in the laundry room just sitting there watching the clothes go round and round.  Usually there are lots of doo-dads in there for you to put in your mouth as well. 
-I hate to admit it, but you love the toilet.  I keep the bathroom doors closed because if they are open... watch out!  You started out your birthday playing in a toilet upstairs.  I think you know that playing in a toilet always equals bath time.  Is it too early for you to know A+B=C?  Which leads me to bath-time.
-When you really want to do something you scream.... loudly.  If any bath water is going you stand at the tub and scream until someone puts you in. It is your happy place.
- For some reason you and Mia get into yelling matches at the table.  You are both smiling and trying to out yell the other.  You both sure enjoy it, but everyone else quickly tries to distract you....and her.
- The main word you still use is "dada"  It is definitely your word of choice.
- Although you like to say "dada," you are a momma's boy all the way.
- You are fast and like to make messes.  You like to dump everything out of the Tupperware drawer and sit and hammer various kitchen items on the floor.  In fact, sometimes when you do this while music is on- you keep the beat. 
- I put you in a forward facing car seat today.  It was adorable.  You laughed.  I watched you in my rear view mirror giggling and could not be more content with the little person you are!  You are a Joy and I am so blessed to be your mommy.  You bring so much happiness into my life and you are a true gift!  I love you Sam! Happy Birthday!


Team Burton said...

Where do I begin with these cute pictures...they are fabulous!! I can not believe all the kids in your family...it is insane (I mean extended fam). I love the cowboy theme and all the commentary!

Julie Pederson said...

Happy Birthday to Sam...and to his mommy. I always felt like my kids' birthdays belonged to me in a big way since it was a celebration of the day I gave birth to them! What an absolutely beautiful family. Ellie is the spit and image of her mom and everyone looks so happy. What a blessing it is to have a peek into your family's lives. Thank you for sharing.

Love and Blessings,

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

His birthday was so fun! I am glad the pics turned out so cute, how could they not when he is so CUTE! Happy Birthday, Sam!!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute! i love that he let me hold him even though he was timid at first he actually clung to me when someone else tried to take him...made me feel good! thanks for inviting us...sorry we had to leave early. it's always nice to see you guys! i still haven't blogged about lexi's bday...you are so on top of things!

Shelley Eggett said...

Can I eat him? He's so irresistable!

Wyndi said...

happy birthday Sam!!! It is so hard to believe a year has passed! Nola is on his tail at 11mths too! Crazy!! But loads of fun!! Are you guys going to come to the heart group before you move??