Apr 20, 2011

Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

Easter and Grandma's was a blast!  Mia, once she warmed up to the crowd went out exploring on her own.  She is doing this funny thing where she wants to be held (by me) if someone other than members of our immediate family are around.  She usually needs a good half an hour to warm up.

 Jensen and Ellie did some pre-hunt easter egg dying.  Jense once again is overly protective of the eggs that he "designs."  He takes so much pride in his work.  A few days ago he mentioned that he thinks he is a really good "artist."  It's interesting what the power of suggestion can do.  We talk about what an artist he is, and apparently he now believes it.

Then Elvis willy-nilly decorates her eggs (which I love) and wants to give them to people. She could care less about the fate of her eggs.  She just enjoyed "dunking" them and is contento to let them go be part of the hunt.

 Grandpa and my littles.  I love this shot.  Mia holding his hand... he is one of the trusted few.

Then to the slide.   Mia obviously ate something orange.  I need a good stain recipe.  I only ever use spray and wash and sometimes the stains survive.  Random side note.

Sammer Jim J is just plain adorable. He is a lover of every person.  He even reaches for strangers.  It is fun to see reactions of people when he is lunging for them.  I love it.  They are so caught off guard that a little baby is anxious to be held by someone he doesn't know.  If he makes eye contact with you, he will want to get in your arms, and then immediately thereafter will want to be returned to his mom. 

Time to burn the Easter eggs!  Just kidding, there is no burning of Easter eggs- that is just weird.  And wasteful! :-) Boys and fire... no explanation necessary. 

Mr. Eli- Handsome little dude. 

 Isaac was the birthday boy!  It was his birthday the day we celebrated Easter.  He brought me flowers- on his birthday.  What a little charmer! It sure worked... doesn't he have the cutest little face?

Mia was an interesting egg hunter.  She was very selective.  In the beginning she was pumped about picking up the eggs and shaking them.  Once the basket got involved she would pass them up, only putting certain ones in her basket.  We couldn't get her to grab this egg... it just wouldn't do.  She also started taking eggs from her basket and placed them back on the grass.  Ya know, cause you don't want to put ALL your eggs in one basket! :-) he he.

Ellie made up for Mia's selectivity.  Any egg, any color, any yummy treat inside... all in one basket. 
 It rained off and on- and this family gets creative when it comes to not getting wet.  It is interesting but most of the people I know who live here (where it rains all day every day) don't use umbrellas.  What's the point... the rain just blends into every day life.  Maybe all day everyday is a slight exaggeration, but it is very slight. :-)  (that is the second smiley face this post...you can never have too many smiley faces to signify sarcasm.  In my book.

"So this is love  mmm mmm m mmm so this     is   love" 
I love this little boy so much it hurts!

Rain didn't stop us from taking pictures! We have some funny commentary about our skin tones after looking at this shot.  I can't piece it back together to make it funny- but boy was it funny! (for the sake of not typing another smiley face, just pretend I mean smiley face.)

Little Brynn- so sweet.

One of these guys is doing his own thing.  John boy (in the back doing a cartwheel) is always doing something to be goofy- or make people laugh.  I guess I just blogged about his prankster abilities.  He is just a funny guy, and he gets results.  We were laughing at him.  He also likes to sabatage pictures, I think it is because I take so many it is his way of retalliating.

Family Easter was so fun!  The kids had so much fun and ate WAY too much candy. Grandma always throws such great parties with such delicious food!


I wanted to get a picture of all of John boy's brothers before we left.  These are all the boys in the family with the exception of his step brother Kelly.  I love when groups don't know you are taking the picture.  Those to me are the best shots.  I have plenty of other where they are all looking at me smiling, but it is a completely different feel to the photo.

Peace OUT! and happy Easter from us.


Anonymous said...

Stains - use Shout Advance (blue bottle), rub it in and let it sit for 5-7 days. Gets baby poop out of onesies really well. Older stains may take 2 treatments to get out, but it works. and doesn't discolor white clothes. Trust me, white shirt and chili. Looks great now.

Shelley Eggett said...

If you are noticing a decrease in comments from me, it's simply because I now follow your blog on my google reader and I also read your posts on facebook, so It seems like I rarely actually come to your actual blog. So sorry! I still check up on you all the time and love your posts.

camille said...

fun to catch up on your cute family. Moving to Utah?? Maybe I will run into you :) Oh, and I use A LOT of oxyclean (the powder) and soak the clothes over night, then scrub out the stain with a shout stick scrubber thing. I don't think there is a stain I haven't been able to remove that way....

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute! oxiclean is amazing!