Apr 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

It was a glorious Easter Sunday today. 

Mia dyed some eggs (yesterday)

Elvis got in on the action as well. 

The kids helped makes some bunny and egg cookies

We had brunch with our friends the Pierces, and did our Easter Egg hunt at their house.
My mom made these little Easter outfits for the girls.  Perfect for egg hunting. 

All of the Egg hunters + Sam- who just wanted to spread them around after shaking them a time or two.  After having eggs around for the past week he can now spot them and insist on getting one in his hands.  I'm pretty sure he knows that there is something tasty inside.

While I was there I snapped some pic's of the kiddos in their Sunday Clothes. My favorite thing about this picture is the shoes on Sam's feet- they stayed on, but almost doubled his actual size. 

Ellie wanted to be with me the entire day on Sunday, and put up a fight about going to class.
(she might have gotten in trouble for this)

Jense had a lot to say about the Resurrection after church!  This kid is an information sponge.
He used his knowledge and taught the FHE lesson. 

Sammers was so delicious in this suit.

We even took little Mia to church.  She got to wear her pretty dress and wear her fancy hat.  
We finished off the holiday with Dinner at Ryan and Shanna's home.  It was a lovely evening with their family and John's dad and step mom.  We are blessed!

Happy Easter!

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Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

what a cute, cute family you have! was GREAT hanging out...i'm so going to miss you!