May 1, 2011

A few thoughts about Babies

I was thinking a lot about babies today.  We got rid of a bunch of baby stuff... so now it is official.  No more babies for us.  Not that getting rid of your baby items solidifies the fact that you won't be snuggling your own newborns ever again... it's just the random we may need this for our next baby things are gone.

I love babies! love them!  Luckily my little sister is going to have a baby soon. Sadly I am moving to a state where three of my other sisters reside, but not the one who is about to have a baby.  Luckily I am sure one of my Utah sisters will have one soon.  There is something about my soul that needs the newborns.  Maybe I'll out grown this. Perhaps when I'm 30.  Yes, old and moldy 30 year olds don't crave newborns ;-)  I can't believe I am almost thirty.  I don't know where the anxiety comes from...I guess I have always thought it was soooo old, and now it's at my door.  I'll be fine I'm sure.

Please pray for my friends Summer and Shelley, they could use some prayers right now. 


The Hands said...

Hey, I don't think age has anything to do with baby lovin'. Why do you think Grandmas can't stay away. Anyway, I'd have to say that from experience you aren't old when you're 30. ...But you are fortunate that you had your babies in your 20's instead of 30's. ;-)

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Hate to tell you this, but, I am 34 and still my heart aches for another baby! Like you we have four and our family is complete but the longing for a new born is still there!
If I could keep having babies I would but the babies grow up and I just don't have enough time in my day for more big kid stuff!

Julie Pederson said...

Be careful getting rid of baby things. I had THREE cribs. Got rid of the crib after baby #2 because we were only going to have 2 kids. Then, 8 years later, I needed a new crib for baby #3. For sure, that was the last baby because I had only planned on 2 kids anyway. So, I got rid of that crib. Guess what? Had to buy a third crib three years later. Now, with four kids ages 26, 22, 14, and 10 and a 3-1/2 year old grandson, I think it's ok that I gave my third crib (the nicest one I had bought) to my daughter!

Wish I lived close enough for your garage sale. Bet it's a good one! Good luck.