Apr 7, 2011

First Time Blogger

I posted my previous post and it showed up in March.  Sometimes I do this on my blog and I feel like I'm a first time blogger.

Anyway, I am blogging for a solid 30 days- yes 30 not 29- again, first time blogger.  You have to read the last post to understand. 

Random thoughts from today:  no, I take that back.  Let's go with "rule of life" (from Olivia show)

Rule of life #1- If you go on a covert operation with one of your friends doing something that could quite possibly be illegal- don't expect them to stick around while you create interference.  They may in fact flee the seen telling you later that they did not want to be affiliated.  Ok, ok... it wasn't illegal, but we liked to pretend it was.

Rule of life #2 - If a lady shows up to see your house (we're trying to rent it) and you have boxes everywhere don't feel badly if after she checks out the place she simple states "well, thank you" and leaves.

Rule of life #3- You will always pay an arm and a leg to get any kind of repair (even minor ones) done at a dealership.  I repeat... arm and a leg.

Rule of life #4- Don't prep your son on what the dentist filling a cavity might be like.  He may just sit in the chair and cry.  When in fact technology has come a long way and now they just sand blast the tooth and place the filling.  Who knew?

Rule of life#5- There should be a way to return things that you never used once, but found them in the back of your linen closet after owning it for five years give or take.  Garage Sale here we come.  I guess that wasn't really a rule of life.  I am embarrassed by the amount of stuff we have accumulated in this house.  My sister tried to convince me that we had a lot of stuff, now that I am boxing it up... I believe her.  WAY too much stuff.

Rule of life#6- Don't underestimate the capabilities or energy of a one year old... he just might know how to open cupboards and throw out all of the cans

Rule of life #7- If one child tries to scare the other by telling him or her that giant spiders can open your window at night and crawl in- expect that both children will end up sleeping on your floor. 

Sam is sick and just woke up... and is now crying... I must go.

Real quick... since I am up taking pictures of my sleeping children, I have to ask... does any one else's kids do this? I remember setting out my clothes, but not in life like manner. These kids crack me up. Jense has been dressing his chair for the next day for years. Ellie does it now and again, and will sometimes even go as far as to place her hair bows above her shirt. It's like paper dolls- only it's carpet.


jayna said...

I have to laugh at those last pics...yes my girls do that, complete with shoes and headbands as well! I alway joke that it's their "Invisible Me-s"

I cannot believe your baby is one! He is adorable!

Erin said...

I love your "count down to 30" idea! My b-day is coming up on the 27th and I am just trying to pretend I'm not REALLY going to be 30! Yikes! If I just forget about it, then it won't really happen...right?!

Love the carpet paper dolls. My kids lay their clothes out sometimes too, but it's never THIS precise! TOO funny!

Sarah said...

You know I love a good countdown! I'm excited to read all your posts :) My kids also lay out their clothes but not like that, maybe we should start :) That is so funny!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Covert operations that could land you on the news with "voyeur" imposed in a headline over your head is NOT something to take lightly!

Shila said...

Alisha did this too. Funny kids. Before she could write, I would have her make her own list when getting ready for a vacation. Her idea, was to draw how many pants, shirts and ect.. she needed. The underwears were so funny drawn on her list.