Apr 12, 2011

Girls Weekend

Girl Weekend 2010 
This is a collaboration of everyone's pictures

This family is not short on women! (something my dad would say)
All- well not all... all but 3 of my sisters in law and mother in law had a fabulous weekend in Ocean Shores.  It was so much fun!  I am so glad we got to get together before I hit the road. 

We acted crazy a good percentage of the time!

We sang a little karaoke 

 Ate A lot... a lot a lot a lot!

I love all of my sisters in law!  Beth cracks me up!
She gets the Jazzy award for the weekend.

Just Dance Party- where she earned her award.

We did a little exercising on the beach.  I was already dressed, but decided to go anyway.  My heels hurt from exercising in my boots- it serves me right.

I got to do Hair and Make-up! It was so fun.  When I do Ellie and Mia's hair I am always up against the clock.  Anne wins the award for most beautiful hair EVER!

Shanna wins the award for most "turn right here" directions to the driver :-)
 and for being the cutest pregnant lady! Just when we thought there was going to be someone in the family not pregnant... she surprised us all.

Shila gets the award for being the most creative game player.  My GIRL :-) and for being a crazy woman driver.  More on this.

More beauty Salon + a sweet baby boy!
Luke gets the award for being the sweetest baby.

I love these women!every single one!

This is not a restaurant- I repeat not a restaurant.
It did have some fun shark items, and this is where I bought some souvenirs for the kids. 

We had some major shark fights with these awesome toys.  
We also used them to communicate with each other.  
They might have been used to scare unsuspecting victims while trying to use the bathroom.

We went to the Jetty- It was too windy, but that didn't stop us from taking pictures. We also got to witness a guy burying his truck in the sand.  

After dinner one night we drove home from the main part of ocean shores to where we were staying via the beach.  I was scared for my life a few times.  Actually I was mostly afraid of not clearing the mini streams and getting stuck.  Shila was a pro at driving in circles and making us scream! 

Bethie and Beeps

Shanna was going to town with this bull whip made of kelp.

Laura got in on the action too! She gets the mother award for making this all happen. Thank you!

Heather is wonderful- and gets the best jokes award. Yes, you Heather!
Deana has a new twinkle in her eye.  :-)  
She is getting sealed to her husband and children in the temple this week!  I can't wait.

We played games, did hair, went for walks, shopped, ate a lot of food, and had time for a few jokes here and there.  Stay tuned for a few pictures I took after getting all fancy- them not me.

I didn't make it back from the camera in time, but this picture sums up our weekend. 
We laughed a lot!

Until next time ladies!  
Thanks for all making this happen
I am going to miss you all so much!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

fun fun! good sister in laws are the best. glad you had so much fun!

Beth said...

I loved loved loved our crazy fun girls weekend. I am going to miss you mimi, dang it!