Apr 19, 2011

Honest Abe

Some kids are just plan honest.  Jense is one of those kids.  He always tells the truth- even if he knows he will get in trouble.  I can think of plenty of examples, but this one is fresh in my brain-

Last night we were putting the kids to bed Ellie brought over Jensen's lava lamp and asked "can we please sell this?" Usually I would think that she is trying to pester him, but she was serious.  Not smiling, not looking out of the corner of her eyes for a reaction, just plane asking in sincerity.

Then I asked, "Why do you want to sell his lava lamp?"
Ellie: "Because I keep having nightmares about it!"

At this point John and I are both trying to hide our laughter.

John: "Why are you having nightmares about a lava lamp?"
Ellie:  "Because in the night I think it is going to break open and it will get on me and then we'll have to cut off all of my skin."

John: "Why in the world would you think something like that?"
Ellie: "Because the red stuff get's on your skin and then you have to cut it off."
John: "Ellie, the red stuff isn't poisonous... it's just like silly puddy stuff floating in water. Who told you that it could hurt you?"

Without even flinching Jensen raised his hand slowly and kept it high above his head.  Again, we are trying not to laugh.  He had a straight face and was 100% committed to admitting to the offense.  He wasn't proud, wasn't embarrassed... he was just coming clean with the truth.  He is just that way. 

Me: "Jense why would you tell her that?"

Jens- Just shrugged his shoulders, then he apologized.

Later I convinced him that part of his duty as an older brother is to not make his younger siblings scared of things.  If that didn't work, I also told him that if they (she) is scared and having nightmares about his things she will continue to ask us to sell his stuff.  I think that he got the message.

I love these random goofy dynamics of our family. Jense unknowingly scaring his sister, or he could have done it to keep her away from his lava lamp.  Ellie losing sleep over a lava lamp.  Then, Jense perfectly happy to admit to his actions.  John and I trying to be the parents through it all and not laugh.

 For us that's easier said than done.

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Sarah said...

I feel like those moments are what make us like a for real family :) I love it! I love the dynamics that come from all of the different personalities living together. Your kids are too cute, Mimi!