Apr 8, 2011

In 100 Years

Every year they have the 100th day of school celebration.  It happens every year.  I have to help my kids collect 100 of something and count them, and sometimes glue them on a page. 

This year, Jense brought something home that completely put a smile on my face.  It's the 4th line that makes me love him so.

"I will like my wife so much"  
What a cutie pie. 
He has been on a love kick lately...the other day Jense asked me, 
"Mom, is dad "attackaling" you or are you falling in love?"
The back story is that John likes to attack me and then I yell for the kids and then they come to my rescue.  Any time Mia even sees us standing close together she comes running saying, "kids kids!"  It is hilarious.  Then, she runs over and starts hitting us.  I think she missed the memo about the rescue part.  It is a fun family activity.  Sam doesn't know about "kids kids" yet, but it shouldn't be long. 

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