Apr 28, 2011

It finally happened

My First born asked me for a cell phone!!!

Jense: Mom, do you think I could get a cell phone
Me: probably not, why would you want one?
Jense: Well, at school a lot of kids have them... even kids that are younger than me
Me: Seriously?
Jense: yeah, and they can use them to call and stuff
Me: Jense, who do you want to make a call to?
Jensen: I could call my friends or something like that
Me: Couldn't you just talk to them at school?
Jense:  Yes, but they also have games on the phones
Me: Uuuuum the answer is No, sorry pal.
Jense: When do you think I can have one?
Me: Not for a few years, but go ask your dad and see what he thinks
Jensen: (ten minutes later)  Dad said NO WAY!

Hopefully we won't have this conversation again for awhile.

This child of mine is growing up way too fast! Yesterday he asked me, "mom, do you know what commutative property of addition is?  John and I looked at each other and started to laugh.  He asked it so seriously and enunciated it perfectly and quickly.  I had a moment where I thought I wasn't talking to my own child- it was weird.

Sadly, I had to admit that I did not know what it was. I'm sure I knew at one time, but both John and I were shocked for a second time that our son is growing up so quickly. He proceeded to perfectly describe what it was... and yes I looked it up online to see if he was right.  He must have learned it that day, but I couldn't believe he remembered "commutative property of addition." 

-don't worry if you don't remember know what it means... you are among friends.


Dan.Beth.Miranda.Hayley said...

LOL!!! It all I have to say...I remember having this conversation with my daughter (10) a few months ago with the cell phone AND with the "cummutative property of addition"! Sadly, I had to say I didn't know either!

Steven and Whitney said...

Yay for zero rejection! Good news. Oh, and...I DREAD the day I'm buying a phone for Jasper. Steven and I just had a conversation about how little kids now carry cell phones. Are you kidding me?