Apr 17, 2011

Living with a bunch of pranksters

My children and my husband and ok me to love to play tricks on each other.  Maybe not so much tricks, but enjoy doing things to make each other laugh.

Mia for example really likes saying the word "poo" so her older siblings will laugh.  That is pretty universal with kids, but the Joy Mia gets from being a clown transfers to many other of her behaviors.

Last night I went out with two of my girls friends I worked with at the Y.  I am trying to get in all my goodbyes before I move. Since I was gone, John got all the kids to bed.  This is not unusual. We usually take turns because it is a major production that needs to be toned down because we have created monsters that negotiate the number of stories and songs EVERY NIGHT and bedtime takes hours every single night. Big breath- that was a long run-on sentence!  Did you read it all at once or did your brain take a breath? Often we will do bedtime together to get it done, but generally we take turns. Don't get me wrong I love the bedtime cuddles and songs, but sometimes it would be nice if they were capable (cause they're not) of just going to bed with a goodnight kiss.  Believe me, we've tried it.  It doesn't work.  They are programmed not to sleep unless they have been "properly" put to bed.  Luckily Sam and Mia go to bed much earlier.  Maybe that is why we feel like we are in constant bedtime mode- it starts at 6:30 pm! 

This morning when I went to get Sammy out of his bed he was dressed like this:

I of course laughed and laughed.  He planted that baby all dressed in Mia's girlie clothes in his cribby so I would laugh in the morning when it got him out.  I did laugh.  If only he had still had his girlie hair- it would have been very convincing.  We John is so mean... dressing him up all girlie.  It was worth it for the laughs.  I do love a baby in stretch pants!

The kids love to entertain Sam with this little laser beam, he chases it all over the house.  I still remember the first time John was tricking the kids with this toy Jense said, "Wall-E is in our house!" 

The older two kids have definitely picked up on the art of pranking.  They're pranks are pretty small scale, but they get a kick out of it every time.

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