Apr 18, 2011

Roller Derby- Watch Out!

The kids have been really into skating/rollerblading lately.  Jense comes home from school, puts on his blades and takes a few laps around the kitchen.  Sometimes he leaves them on for hours, and goes up and down the stairs wearing them.  Luckily, he hasn't fallen.  This kid is surprisingly capable wearing roller blades.  He even does his everyday job wearing them.

Recently he told us that he wanted to "train up" to work at Sonic.  I got a good laugh out of that.  I think we have encouraged his rollerblading skills a wee much because his highest aspiration as of the last month or so is to work while wearing roller blades at Sonic drive-In.  He even asked me if I would come order some food from him so I could see him bring the food.

You can't tell from all of his goofy faces but he really has the time of his life out there.  He loves to be watched and checks over his shoulder to see if you're watching him.  He skates with a little extra gusto and a smile on his face when he knows he has an audience.

In fact the other day we had company over and he wanted to show off his ability to race around the island in our kitchen.  He was going way too fast for my comfort.  The island in our kitchen is made of concrete and it would only take one trip up for him to go headlong into that edge.

Ellie is hilarious on skates.  For someone not afraid to do ANYTHING- she sure hangs onto the wall for support.  I was the same way for a long long time. 

Jensen secretly loves that he is a skating pro and his sister is still learning, but that doesn't stop him from trying to help her figure it out.  When I went with the kids (again, we take turns around here :-)  ) He offered to help her a few times, and I was far more proud of that than I was of him whizzing around on his roller blades.

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