Apr 7, 2011

Yummy Smells

In an effort to blog about things I usually don't- I thought why not blog about my favorite smells.  Ya know... cause smells are an interesting topic :-)

I love this yummy fa-breeze air freshener.  It makes my house smell yummy!  
I can't do continual air fresheners because I get headaches from them, but I love walking in my house when it smells of Aloha.  

My friend Jaime bought me some of this lotion when Mia and I were living in the hospital.  I love the smell, and sometimes it takes me back to the smells of the hospital, but I still love it.Besides the smell- it makes your skin so smooth, that is why I keep buying it.

mmmm- baby shampoo!!!  Snuggling a baby fresh from the tubby smelling all baby producto is what makes my soul sing.  Can I get a Amen?

A new box of crayons has always been one of my fav smells. 

Many things that come out of the oven should be on this list... but nothing tops bread.  Nothing.  The bread comes out of my bread machine, but it smells the same.

 Cabbage Patch kids are fun to play with mostly because they smell like a dream!  There is something the toy makers put in the plastics that could easily be addictive.  Other toys have this smell, but Cabbage Patch kids are the original yummy smelly toys. 

One of my favorite favorite smells is Silkening Gloss from Gene Juarez.  When I use this, I smell so fancy.  I love this smell.  I would wear it as a perfume if it were a perfume.  I have been using this for years and still have the same bottle...cause you only use a tiny bit.  It's fantastic.

I have never been a perfume girl (cause it gives me migraines) but I think if it were a really subtle smell (like my gloss) it could work for me.  If you have a yummy perfume, that isn't super strong- let me know. 

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Brimaca said...

Same on perfumes and fresheners for me - I totally get migraines from then.