May 31, 2011

And just like that

 Jensen grew up.

Jense is my reader... he has burned his way through the magic tree house books.  Last week John brought home a book from the library and told Jhim it was a "big kid" book.  It was called boy and his robot.  Jensen started reading it and it seemed a little over his head, but when I looked in his room hours after he went to bed he was still reading his book.  Reading it never ending story style might I add.  He is really enjoying it and feels grown up because this book has no pictures. 

I think this is the first book that he "can't put down."

He just grew years beyond the age I am ready for him to be.

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Team Burton said...

I am totally going to pick this book up! This picture makes me not only want to read this book but to read it in this fashion.