May 2, 2011

A Baby and his 1st Steps

Sammy took his first steps today.  I couldn't believe it really.  I was sitting on my floor doing my make-up, (I have always done make-up on the floor) and Sam stood up in the middle of the room and took three full steps toward John.  You hear about kids who just one day stand up and start walking.  I witnessed it today.  We spent the next ten minutes trying to convince him to do it again.  He was so proud of himself.

I can't believe he is stepping--- he he... not walking.  It's not official yet, but John and I were sitting there together on the floor and he just stood up and took some steps. it's won't be long now and he will be running around- sniff sniff. 

Here is a few little clips of this little baby step in timer. (now you have the step in time song stuck in your head huh?) never need a reason, never need a rhyme, round the chimney step in time- if it wasn't stuck before it is now! The first part of the video his how he likes to jam with his push cart, then you'll see the solo action.

-If you are reading this via facebook, you'll probably have to click on my actual blogski to view the video.  Click HERE for the link. 

-I should clarify because the last post was written when I was half asleep. I explained why the prayers were needed, but ended up deleting because I could form coherent sentences in my brain.  My friend had a sweet baby girl who returned to Heaven, and my other friend has a baby is in the NICU.  That is who I am requesting prayers for.


Team Burton said...

Everything you say and post is amazing....I just love you and your family. I am missing out on the children portion of family but you, Erin, and Lacey fulfill me.
Thank you

Carrie Flynn said...

A baby taking his first steps never fails to leave me in tears. Such a miracle. Every time. <3