May 20, 2011

Big and Wise

Tonight when I put the kids to bed, I asked them what their "hopes and dreams" are.  Jensen's reply was: "well, I want to have a chain that comes from my pocket (and this point I am thinking.... oh great!) that hooks onto a button and when I press the button I can turn into a car and drive and drive, then turn back.  I want to be able to race the bus from school like the yellow bumblebee car."

Pretty good hope and dream so far.

Ellie's reply was: "I want to be a fairy, but I know it is never going to come true."  Jensen's interjected and said, "Yes Ellie, you can be a fairy- when you go to Heaven you can be an angel with wings and they are just like fairies."  I then tried to convince her that she could be a happiness fairy (she has done her fair share of complaining the last few days).  She said, "happiness fairy?!?" then started dancing around singing "happiness fairy... happiness fairy." I'll let you know how long it lasts :-)

Then Jensen started talking about how he was so excited to be baptized, and when he turns eight he is going to be "Big and Wise."  He said, "Mom I am really happy about that!"  I said, "about what" then he proceeded to tell me that he was really excited to be "big and wise"  after he is baptized.

I didn't want to tell him that I was baptized years and years ago and I still don't feel big and wise.

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Team Burton said...

These are the best! It does remind me however about the first time I hung out with Zack's family his mom told me this story: "When Zack was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said, 'a teenager'." Awesomely appropriate.