May 23, 2011

Farm Day

We went up to the "flyin O" last week
My dad's plan is for us to be up there every weekend- not joking. 
I lucked out with the job of driving the tractor.  Everyone else had to pick up rocks.  I felt a little guilty...chillin with air conditioning and a radio, but no one wanted to trade.  The kids had fun taking turns riding in the cab with me.  Mia especially enjoyed hanging out on the tractor.  She kept telling me it was "weely loud." Oh, and in case you were wondering pink felt visors are totally stylin! :-)

We cleared for quite awhile!  This field is void of all rocks now..big rocks at least. Thanks for taking these pics mom. She kept so busy watching kids, and fixing food, but she snuck in a few pictures as well.

Next task was to burn.  This is the highlight for all the adult males.  I heard John tell some one, "save me that stick so I can use it to poke the fire." My dad didn't stay in one place long enough for me to get a picture of him.  There was a good action shot with a chainsaw, but alas I was holding Sammer.

Little Abba... isn't she cute?
It wouldn't be a farm day without the 4wheelers.
While the boys were busy fulfilling their need to burn things, I took some pictures of the kids that were around.  
Ellie loved the farm!

Ikey is the sweetest little boy I've ever met.  He is sooo endearing!

Sam checking out these tractor wheels.  He is ready for bailing hay.
I think Suz took this pic, but I'm not sure.  

Little "Swide" was the perfect little subject to photograph.  She sat right down on that wheel, looked at me, and smiled. She wore her little "roveralls" to stay true to the farming day

Slam Jam went right to sleep the minute he got into this backpack.  I promtly took him out so I could hold him while he was sleeping.  I LOVE holding a sleeping baby...especially my own. 

This was pretty much the only time I saw Jense.  He was super busy.  He "rescued" a baby kitten that according to his description was: "tiny and tender." He was convinced that he was needed and along with Andrew they watched over the kittens for hours.  He wanted to keep one.  Poor kids- he wants a pet sooo badly.

Another pic by Suz or Mom- love the sky in this picture!  

Kenjo is getting a little too close to the flame.  I couldn't help but think of cool guys don't look at explosions. This isn't an explosion, but it had quite the flame going.

Nathan teaching his boy fire appreciation

"Hey Sinneee, come on, my mom wants a picture."

"Oh thanks for coming!"

"K, let's get this over with for my mom's sake."

"Wait for me!"

"Let's go ride that tractor!"

Sam warmed right up to Aunt Rae.  It must have been all the love on the long trip here.  You can't tell but Sam is refusing to go to daddy.  He want's his aunt Rae!  No offense dad, but Aunt Rae has this cozy blankey.

It was a great day on the farm!  
My favorite quote of the day was when Jensen asked,
"Mom, why can't we just live here instead?"


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, that all looks like so much fun!! I wish I could spend the day like that with my kids. I love it.

Shelley Eggett said...

Your Dad really has a farm? Since when? That is so strange and bizarre to me. What does he farm? Where is it? I'm so intrigued. Oh and by the way, if you want it, I have a number of a soccer Mom friend who's little boy is 3 1/2 and got a heart transplant a year ago. She told me to have you call her with any questions about doctors etc... Email me if you want it.

Mimi said...

Shel, yep... has always had a farm. You didn't know I was a cowgirl huh? It is up North of Logan.

That would be great! I would love to chat with her. Thanks lady!

Princess Pookie said...

Totally dig the pink visor you're sportin'!;) Is that what moving to Utah does to a girl? hee hee!

Brimaca said...

Wow!! That farm is awesome.