May 5, 2011

Last Day for Much

Mia's last day going to Seattle Children's was today.  I love the look on her face.

It was her last day visiting with our very favorite "echo chica" Laura.  We love her! We have known her since before Mia was born. 

It was her last day hanging out with the doc's.  Here she is being the doctor, and traded her a stethoscope for a hair flower.  We will miss the whole team so much- they are truly our miracle workers.  Mia wrote a hand scribbled card to each of them.  Also, thanks to aunt Lani we gave them all space noodles. 

Mia's last day sitting on the pig

 After Mia's appointment aunt Lani took us to the Space Needle.  It was the perfect day for the Needle.  It was actually warm.

Jense was pretty apprehensive about going to the very top.  He didn't want to get on the elevator so I carried him on.  Five seconds into the ride up he was thrilled about looking out over the city.  He just needs a little shove in the right direction sometimes.

 The kids love Aunt Lani! What's there to say... she was made for kids

 After our adventures on the observation deck... one adventure being the convincing of Ellie that she is not affraid of automatic flushing toilets, we headed down to the souviener store.

The kids took turns smashing and imprinting pennies.

Mia loooooved her penny!  She did her galloping trot all the way outside to the water fountain fixated on that penny.

Mia refused to turn around... she was too excited about the "water water."

 I am glad the kids got a chance to go to the Space Needle before we move. Jense kept asking to go up again. 

Lani spoiled the kids! She bought them light up cups from the rainforrest cafe.  Mia was really excited.  She said, "oh pretty!"  It was cute.  Sadly Ellie spilled an entire cup full of fruit punch in the car on the way home.  I should have said no to the refill.  If you are wondering what Mia is doing she is watching the monkeys that were around our table.  They were shaking nearby bamboo and others were (mechanically) swinging on vines. 

On the way out the kids got their faces painted.  Ellie chose a unicorn, Mia wanted hearts, and Jense went for the "skull and crossbomes."  Lani told me she had never had her face painted before.  I was just about to force her into the chair, but another kid showed up.  Next time Lan... next time.  We are really going to miss you! a lot!  Thanks so much!

It was our last day at the hospital we have known for years

It was our last day being with our Aunt Lani (as Washingtonians)

It was My last day in my 20's.  

Yep that's right... the countdown is nearly over!  

Tomorrow I am 30!
It's like the end of an era ;-)

I am off to sleep... I better get to sleep in tomorrow.


Julie Pederson said...

What a fun day! I had to laugh at Ellie and the auto flush toilet. My 14 yo, Lacey, has had a phobia regarding auto flush toilets since she was 2-3 years old and one flushed on her at the Denver Airport. It's been over 10 years of trauma! She's better now, but she still checks to see if the toilet is an automatic flush. She doesn't like to go places where they don't have the self-flushing option. She wants me to stay in the bathroom if the toilet is auto flush! When her first grade class had a planned field trip to the Denver Aquarium, Lacey didn't want to go because we had been there before and she knew the toilets were auto flush. However, since she was really excited about a field trip, she decided she just wouldn't go to the bathroom. I told her that wasn't an option. I took her to McDonalds the night before the field trip because they have auto flush toilets and we spent about 20 minutes in there practicing how to use the auto flush toilet without getting wet. It had to be hysterical to bystanders (or bysitters). Anyway, hope she gets over the fear so it doesn't haunt her into her teen years like it has with Lacey!

Happy Birthday!!


Katie said...

Oh I'm sad! I'm sure it was a little emotional saying good-bye to your fav docs and nurses. They will miss you. Us too.

On the other hand, what an exciting time for your sweet family! Moving to Utah! I can't believe it's already here. And of course, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Wishing you a great, happy, memorable one :) You don't look 30 yet either so take that as a compliment!!!

Let's keep in touch through blogland and email, ok heart mama friend?!? Love ya.

Katie & Maddie (and the boys + one more on the way, surprise!!!)

Shelley Eggett said...

That is kinda sad to say good bye to all your doctors, nurses etc....They have taken such great care of Mia. I don't envy you right now, I hated packing and we only had to take the boxes 5 minutes away. Good Luck with the move, and I cant wait to see you. Love ya! Oh ya and Happy Birthday yesterday, hope it was great. Welcome to the 30's!!!

Brimaca said...

I'm kinda sad you are leaving Seattle. Now who will I experience all these things through?