May 13, 2011

More days like today

 This is actually a combination of the last two days... blogger was out of order or something. The kids colored up the drive way in sidewalk chalk.  Sam enjoyed throwing the chalk and putting it in his mouth. 

 Then he took a stroll down the drive way.  His walking skills are increasing and he has walked all the way across the front room... it's so adorable.

 The kids were busy helping Nana plant the garden. 

 Mia planted this tomato plant...

 and was so proud if it.  I didn't capture the celebration but she clapped and exclaimed, "YAY!"

 Sam's big job was sorting all the tools and small gardening equipment.  He mostly threw things around, but he stayed busy.

Elvis is taking gardening quite serious in this shot.  

 Since we moved in a few short days ago, my mom has made about 10 of these ten grain loaves of bread (no all consumed by us).  We are all in love with it.  We eat it for sandwiches, with butter, jelly, apple butter, honey, and just plain' ol sliced up.  Although, there is nothing plain about this bread.  It is super tasty.  

On the topic of homemade goodness- this was picked fresh and consumed last night.

No one can get their fill of the ten grain!

Yesterday was an especially perfect day!  We got a lot done, and still made time for fun.  My sis Nat came up and we went on a walk with my dad, Mia, and Jense rode his bike.  The temperature was perfect...maybe a little on the hot side, but I loved the feeling of the warmth all day long.  John, my sister, and I loaded up the kids and went for a drive to see how the town has changed.  It has definitely changed, but still has so much charm.  We pointed out the places we lived before my dad built this house.  I only have a few memories from before living here. 

 After the walk, Sammy practiced walking back and forth between Nat and myself.  He wasn't walking his usual walk.  He was walking like Frankenstein and even paused every once in awhile to tense up.  Right before he reached his destination he would laugh and then immediately give a bear hug to whomever was the receiver.  He is so much fun right now!  The concentration mixed with terror when he almost falls down kills me every time. 

He also started picking  up the pace at the end of his destination.  Once he is about two feet from someone or something he will throw his head back and run...he just can't contain his enthusiasm. He kept walking out of the frame faster than I could get him back in.

We are off to a great start here!  My parents are fabulous and gracious to let us come and take over 4 of their bedrooms.  They had to move out sooooo much stuff!  I owe them big time.  My favorite thing about yesterday was sitting down to a meal that was all fresh.  We had fish that my dad caught that morning, asparagus from the garden, and delicious homemade bread.  I could definitely get used to more days like this!


Shelley Eggett said...

Ahhh....home sweet home! It looks like you guys are having so much fun.

Brimaca said...


Esther said...

I would love it if you shared the bread recipe! Looks yummy!

Sarah said...

It looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Especially with that bread!! I would love the recipe too, if it's one you can share :) All of that fresh yummy food sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you're doing so well!!!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Mmmmmmm...sounds really good...sun, homemade bread (that looks like perfection), fresh food including fish, a WALKING toddler, family, did I mention sun? So nice, glad you are settling in so well!