May 6, 2011

Nerdy Thirty!

I made it!
I'm Thirty!
I feel the same, well maybe a little more tired today. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone (holy cow facebook)!

If I had one wish then it would be... to have my whole family and all of our stuff packed and moved to Utah without driving a bazillion hours in a car and unpacked and every other moving headache taken care offffffff.... happy happy birthday to me from me. 

That is a pretty lame wish huh?  
I'll try for a cooler wish next year.

We had a wee party with the kids!

They made me a special dinner of Lil' smokies and breadsticks with carrot sticks. Their choice :-)

Yep 30! Daddy made me a cake and Mia blew out the candles.

The kids got me some rockin gifts

Ellie drew me this masterpice

She is so full of love!  She persisted (whined, cried, and pestered) on having all the gifts wrapped and with tape.  She has to have things just so.  In her opinion it is not a good birthday unless the gifts are wrapped.  I agree Elvis!

Jensen picked out a fancy pony.

It was a wonderful day.  John boy took me out to lunch, I shopped with Rebecca to fulfill a 30 year old shopping necessity, ate a "cheese on a stick," and a met a cell phone wizard.  I finished it off laughing a lot with my husband, home girl,  and brother in law (he's buying our truck... yay!).  I am pumped about being thirty.  Yes pumped!


jayna said...

Happy Birthday M!! 30 isn't so bad afterall. I was just disappointed that I woke up still not knowing anything and still feeling like I am "Playing House"! Good luck with the move!!

Brimaca said...

Welcome to the club! :)