May 26, 2011

New Doctors New Nurses

Today was our first time going to the new hospital at PCMC.  It was strange to walk in the doors of the hospital that I had gone to all growing up, but haven't set foot in for over 10 years.  Oh.... I just got reminded of my age.  I can now say things like "over 10 years ago" and still be referring to a point in time when I was an adult.

Anyway, the main entrance is all new (to me) and the wishing fountain is gone.  I used to put a penny balanced on a brass girl's head at the end of the fountain.  It was gone.  The room where Barb used to do my EKG's is now the reception area for cardiology.  So many things were different, but so many were the same.  I'm pretty sure that all the art in the main hallway is the same from my childhood.  The Cafeteria is totally the same, and the echo rooms and cardiology rooms are still the same, with the exception of a few.  The only familiar face was Barb.  She looks exactly the same!  She is no longer doing EKG's, but doing pacemakers.  We had a great little visit and it was nice to have someone that knew me still working there.  My cardiologist retired and my surgeon actually just recently passed away. 

I am loving the new team!  The nurses/coordinators are fabulous and I stand by my previous statement that transplant coordinators are a breed of their own and they are all wonderful people.  We loved our Seattle team, and I already think these girls are great!

The nice thing about today was that Mia and I were able to do both clinic visits... all in one place!! Mia loved when it was "mommies turn" for the echo, ekg, and exam.  Mommy didn't have to get a poke, but I would have if they would have let me just to make her feel better.

She is the perfect little cardiology companion.  It was so nice getting it all out of the way in one visit.  I had to laugh because as I sitting in the exact same room that many of my echos were in (during Mia's echo) I couldn't help but close my eyes and doze off just like my mom used to. 

It was a great day at the hospital and daddy was even able to join us at the end of our clinic.  He was only a few buildings away and was able to meet the doctor.  She is great too.  All around I think we are going to love it at PCMC.  I am going to miss a few privileges (having my friend do her echos aka we NEVER had to wait) I had in Seattle, but I'm sure I'll be fine. 

To be honest we never even talked about her echo... we talked a lot of history and they told me how they kind of do things there.  We are going to go down on her prograf because it came back too high, but other than that I am assuming all was looking good.

In mommy heart news my root is dilated to a 4.67 ... so I guess a little up from last time.  It is difficult because it could just be how the tech measures.  Nothing significant really.   My new cardiologist is more on the side of not worrying about it until it is at a 5.5 as apposed to 5 with my previous cardiologist.

The day ended perfectly when my dad came home and asked me if my room was clean.  This is generally a code question for, "do you want dessert?"  more specifically an Casco bar.  Tonight however after both Ellie and I replied that yes our rooms were clean that my dad said he has a speical treat tonight.  When Ellie ran to get dressed (she was already in her nighgown) my dad informed me that Timp Freeze opened tonight.  We walked up and got some ice cream, it was tasty.  They didn't have my very very favorite treat from the timp freeze "toasted coconut dip cone,"  but I'm pretty sure I convinced them to bring it back. :-)  If anyone has been holding out for them to re-open... you'll be happy to know they still put tiny plastic animals in their ice cream.  Get Collecting!

I felt like a kid again today.  Going back to my old hospital (but I didn't load up on suckers this time)... having my dad reward me for a clean room.... and getting ice cream from timp freeze.  If I am going to be rewarded in my 30's (still strange to say) for having a clean room... Bring it on!  I guess you can't really come home without filling the role you did before you left.  The other night when I was playing catch in the yard with my dad he told me, "you don't know how long I've waited for this."  We had played catch the week before so I realize he means in general.  Better yet, I don't know how long he has been waiting to play catch on a regular basis.   The other night we were playing catch in the rain.  I don't know if he was toughing it out for me or if I was toughing it out for him... but I kept throwing that ball until he said we had better go in.  It is fun to be home.  My mom has been a saint this entire week taking care of so many sickies.  She is going to need a vacation!  Luckily that is just around the corner!

Last thing to mention... when we were walking home from the timp freeze I had to take my shoes off because I had a huge blister on my foot from my "fancy shoes" and it had gotten to the point of not being able to walk anymore.  I carried them in my hand that was holding a shake and had ice cream in the other and Ellie looked at me and in a very authoritarian voice  said, "you shouldn't have worn those shoes then!" I just laughed and walked home barefoot.


Team Burton said...

Two things, I can't believe the wishing well is gone at PCMC! I also put money on the bronze girl, among other places. Second: I thought Timp Freeze was closed? If it is open again I am so making a visit back to Midway for the Tiger burger!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

They took out the wishing fountain back in 2007 when Kaidence was waiting for her heart. I watched the whole remodel and I still miss that fountain. My boys loved it and so did I. So glad that you liked clinic here at PCMC. They are all great. Maybe we will see you around. Now you need to join IHH and Hope Kids so that we get to see you at movies and other fun heart things.

Alysia said...

I can't believe you moved back to Utah!! Right after I left!! I really have been wanting to meet you and your beautiful family since the very first time I read a mention of your originally being from Utah. *BIG sigh* I really really wanted to meet you and your beautiful kids.
We have been in S.C. for almost 3 months now. We have our first appt. with the hospital here in 2 days!
I miss PCMC so much though. They felt like home for us and Grace's Doctors were so so wonderful. I miss them a ton. If you see them (Dr. Everitt, Emily or Michelle) send them our love.
Good luck with your guys' new home and maybe when we come back to visit family I'll get to run into you.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

loved this post! so glad you guys are settling in nicely. it was wonderful to talk to you the other day! hope things keep getting better and better. love ya