May 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye

 One week ago we said good-bye.  It was difficult!
These two little girls have the sweetest little frienship
I'll try not to cry as I type... makes for way too sappy of a post.

These kids mean so much to our family! They were at our house as we were loading the last of our life. It is always fun to run through a completely empty house.  They were hiding in closets, and climbing all the shelving.  I heard a few thuds, so I think they must have been jumping from the closet shelves as well.  The Eugenio's and the Pierces are both in our ward and have been a huge part of our lives.  The Eugenios are our family and the pierces might as well be.

Jensen and Ellie loved to play with their cousins and they got along perfectly.  They played a lot and were creative and imaginative.  Our backyards were heavily utilized on all of the sunny days.  Eli and Issac are legends in our home.  They have two other kids, but "Eli and Isaac's" is a household name... for our household.   Alice and Ruby were perfect friends for my kids as well. In fact a week or so before we left Jensen admitted to me that he "liked" Ruby.  This is funny because the girls had been accusing him of liking her for quite some time, and it actually made him mad/embarrassed.  I think once it all settled down  he could finally admit (to me only) that he did in fact like her.  They were pals, but she was the closest thing to a friend that was a girl that he had.  In ten or so years down the road, I wouldn't mind at all if he "liked" Ruby.  She is fun and sweet and just won an award in her horse show that she displayed proudly that entire day.  I was also her leader in my church calling, and I could have claimed her as my own.  Alice is the sweet younger sister that just goes with the flow.  She is great and Ellie loved playing with her.

Grandma came over to clean my house before we moved.  Bless her heart!  She spent all day doing all the jobs that no one wants to do.  Thank you soooo much! 

Aunt Rae was also a cleaning machine.  She went to town in the kitchen and didn't stop for hours.  My sister has some major work ethic, and I was so glad she was there!  I also need to thank some other people who helped me pack/clean to get ready for the big move.  Laura (who watched kids too), Heather, Anne, Rebecca, Rachel, Stephanie.... thank you so much for all you're help!  Moving is the least fun thing on the planet, and all of your help was so appreciated!  I must also thank the moving crew who showed up early in the morning and loaded up our moving truck... and a trailer :-)  long story.  I was so touched by the Warmoth family who came to help us one week after having a funeral for their sweet daughter.  I was so touched and impressed by their willingness to serve in their time of loss and mourning.  I purposely tried not to talk to Chris or I would have been a basket case, so I didn't and instead talked to his kids.  The faith of their family is astounding.  Thanks so much for coming!  Also to Dillon, Chris and Jeff who were practically there all day long... Jason, Mike, and Sean- you guys are great!  (I don't know why I am speaking to them like they read my blog... I know for certain they do not)  :-)  I can barely get John to read my blog :-)  They are great people- and their wives are good friends/sister. There may have been others who helped John who I didn't know about... so because he does not blog (or read mine for that matter) thank you for helping! 

OK, last but not least is the good-bye that made me cry as we drove away from the house.  Mia and Evie Stevie are the best of buddies.  I remember that Mia was one of her first words, and Mia wakes up in the morning asking for "EEBIE STEEBIE."

We are going to be Skyping every week whether her parents like it or not because these two girls can't forget each other.  Mia just adores her... and I feel like I single-handedly took her away from her favorite person in life.  Even though technically it was her daddy :-)  I still feel responsible.

I have one moving/goodbye post to go... waiting on a picture...then I should be caught up.


Anne said...

I have to admit, I got a little teary looking at those photos of Eve and Mia as well. Dang it!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Dang it too! I was banking on cleaning your house Monday, but when JB said it was done...I'll admit I wasn't disappointed. That's so great you had so much help, I'm glad the kids got to have fun together! We miss you lots! Don't hold your breath on the computer is JACKED.

Jenna said...

Hi Mia!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. u are an amazing, courageous and strong fighter. You are a beautiful, precious and special little girl. U are a Brave Fighter, Smilen Champ and an Inspirational Hero.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease.