Jun 11, 2011

The Babus

(jense took this picture at Ellie's game...I edited it :-)


I haven't posted about my Jim Jam lately. 

Sammers is keeping us all on our toes.  He is quick and determined and a skosh stubborn.
In no particular order here is what he is up to these days:

- unearthing all of my mom's plants
- tackling Mia to the ground (she thinks it's hilarious)
- eating everything he can get his hands on
- dancing when he hears music
- walking like a champ, but still looking a little like frankenstein
-takes the step down into the family room facing forward and with confidence
- playing in toilettes... still :-(
- squeezes super tight when he gives hugs
- loves to open mouth kiss you... or just hangout with his mouth ajar somewhere on your face
- claps any time he hears "yay" and he claps by bringing one hand to the other
- climbs up on the couch and climbs back down unassisted
(he has being doing this since the day we got here)
- crawls to the top of the stairs and goes foraging for things to throw back down the stairs
- destroys any kind of structured sibling activity.  I love babyzilla.. the older three- not so much
- giggles and flails when he is anticipating getting tickled
- loves to nuzzle and burrow himself into me
- will eat homemade (bitter) yogurt
- loves riding on his papa's back for long walks
- walks with one hand high in the air... for balance maybe?
- Has added a new word to his favorite words... "NANA"  which he says nonstop
- has been known to cry when Nana is not available
- loves to shove food down your throat
- wants to be held and loves to dig his feet into my stomach to get a better foothold for him to be higher up. 
- Is a busy body at church and goes from bag to bag scoping out the goods.  I wish there was a "bag check" at church :-)
- still makes a big mess in the bath.  He splashes like crazy
- gets so excited and squeals when someone gets him from his crib. 
- Said "Uh oh" for the first time
- yells for me... and Nana
-gets a lot of attention from strangers that think he is just adorable
- gets off the bed feet first by himself
- randomly starts laughing when nothing funny happened
- can walk in a circle using his "pivot foot" it's almost like a dance move
-pulls hair
-did I mention he tackles Mia all the time?
- lunges for complete strangers to hold him. 

One way to sum up the Sam is that he always seems to have somewhere he needs to be.  He is constantly on the move and once he gets to his destination he restlessly begins a new journey off to get something else.

His new nickname is "ladies man" because he is always diving for a lady.  Tonight he was all about Aunt Suz, but in the past has only had eyes for Aunt Rae.

A few days ago I was talking to a neighbor and he dove into her arms and put his head on her shoulder and kept it there for a solid five minutes.  I was insanely jealous.  She was eating it up, and I just wanted to snatch him back... but didn't want to ruin her moment.

I don't think there is a cuter face on a baby boy.  His smile is my drug of choice!


Steven and Whitney said...

Such a handsome stud! Wish I could've met him when I was in UT. Hope you are settling in and enjoying time with your fam! We'll be around sometime Christmas-ish... I say -ish because we don't know if we will come before or after. Hope we can catch up then!

Anne said...

Dang, a lot happens when I don't check your bog for a week! Glad litte Mia is all better.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

he is so stinkin cute and totally makes me want a boy! love his air jordan jacket too. so cute and sad about the nieghbor lady. miss you guys.

Shelley Eggett said...

He is SO SO SO irresistable. Mimi - come visit me!

Brimaca said...

He is gorgeous. He needs to be a model. :)