Jun 16, 2011


When all sisters get together it is called a sister reunion, but when all sisters (and a mom) get together in Colorado it is called...


We had a fabulous time! Here are some of the highlights of our trip. The only way glamcation could get any better is if we did it TWICE each year.

One of the purposes of glamcation this year was to have a blessingway for my baby sister "Boon Docks."  She wanted a blessingway instead of a shower.  Blessingway agenda went as follows:

- Make food for the feast
- Explanation of blessing way
- Charm and bead ceremony where everyone explains why they chose her that bead for her, and then all of the beads were made into a necklace
- Flower wreath
- 5 sister/mom massage 
- Toast to the new mom and baby
- Weaving the web of motherhood/sisterhood- we shared advice and birthing stories while passing the thread back and wrapping it around our wrists every time we shared.  At the end of this, we cut the strings and made bracelets that we would wear until the safe arrival of her baby.  
- We drew cards that had specific things to pray for
- Then, we were supposed to do henna tatoos...but we were all too hungry so we ate and were too stinkin' tired after that.  We will do henna tatoos next glamcation. 
It was a beautiful bonding experience and I wish I had something more like this back in my child bearing years :-) ya know, cause they're over!  sniff sniff
Boonie is a beautiful person and is going to make an even more beautiful mother.  I can't wait for the arrival of her little one.

"GO TEAM!"  That is what I think of when I see this picture.  This is a picture of all the bracelets that we made for the blessingway. We didn't know if she was having a boy or girl (yes... one of those people);-) so we used both pink and blue for the bracelets.

While the chefs in the kitchen were cookin' it up, my sister and I were taking the opportunity to be crazy in front of the camera.  We have some awesome shots! Including the ugliest face we could pull.  I would post them, but they might not be loving me after that.

Little by little, more sisters started to trickle in after their cooking duties were over.  I probably took a good 25 pictures of goofiness. 

"Glamcatione" Oui?

 One of the many emotions we cycled through during our sister photo shoot/wasting time, time.

Then when everyone finished up cooking, I forced :-) everyone one to participate in my photography shenanigan.  They are good sports.  I wanted to do some more creative/artistic shots, but I have never before photographed 7 women before...so shoes are always a hit ;-)

I love this picture!  I call it "center weighted"  he he no offense boo :-)

A MAJOR part of glamcation is the pampering.  We spend the afternoon in the city and went to a super fancy spa where we were all had a massage- it was heavenly!

A moment's peace without a camera in their face... or so they thought. :-)

We are all so excited for Boo to have a baby.  It is so fun to see her pregnant and to see how in love she and her husband are with this baby.  I loved feeling the baby- babies are so miraculous aren't they?

 Toes all fancy! John says I have "hammer toe" (left)  I think he has hammer toe :-) 

"All the single ladies...all the single ladies" well single for that day at least.

I took individual shots of all of my sisters...that will have to be another post because I can only blog for so long. :-)  This was just taken while she was walking down the walk way. Don't mess with a girl and her iphone.

We did a little shopping and stopped at a kitchen store that had every possible kitchen gadget known to woman.  I thought I had a lot of kitchen stuff... after being in this store I realize I do not.

On the topic of kitchen stuff... while on glamcation one of the many topics of conversation was about things you learned recently that shocked people that you didn't know.  I admitted to not knowing (until a few years ago) what the term "keeps you regular" means.  While sharing these stories my sister shared a story about a friend who never knew about the little indentation half circles on the sides of all tinfoil boxes that you punch in to act as an anchor so the tinfoil roll doesn't come out.  Sadly both my mother and I had no idea those were there... our whole lives!  Does anyone else not know this?  Go, look on the edges of the box... had no idea. I wish I could remember them all... they were funny!

"It's for my collection" - Sebastian voice

This picture was at noon and is totally blown out, but I like it anyway.  All the hermanas

WE laughed! a lot!  I wish I'd had a video camera for what we were laughing at in these pictures.  I don't remember any of the topics except for the one where my sister was telling the story about how my mother told her not to touch her freshly painted fingernails to anything, and so during her photo at school she was still holding her hands out in front of her in the picture...being careful not to smudge the polish. (lower right hand pic)

I wish I had a video camera during the blessing way as well.  Such words of wisdom to pass on. 

A HUGE thanks to Boo and Carlos Santana for such a fabulous glamcation.  They are so generous to host and sponsor glamcation.  Boonie even put cookies and bottled water on our night stands.  It doesn't get any more glamorous than that!  Stay tuned for more pictures I took of the belly. I can't wait for them to be parents!

We completely wore him out! He was completely outnumbered. 
- I also need to mention that the men our lives played a huge role in letting us get away and enjoy ourselves.  Thanks to the daddies, grandpa, and uncles for watching all the kiddleos.  My dad got the kids off to school two days in a row. Once when I called to check on them I heard sheer pandemonium in the background and I was imagining all sorts of things...it turns out he took them to play at the "play place."  Such a good "Pop."

 Am I lucky or what? So many wonderful people in my life!

Glamcation was wonderful!  We were definitely pampered, and dined at some wonderful restaurants, relaxed, reminisced, took a lot of photos, talked about all things baby, went to a movie, played games, enjoyed each other's company, and cherished our time being all together!  


Shila said...

How fun Mimi! All those pictures are great but the last one is marvelous with all the sista's! You guys are all gorgeous! Miss you!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I have to officially post on this one. I love it! I love all the pics, more please! You are so lucky to have all those awesome women in your family. My favorite pic is that last one...it needs to be blown up for everyone...can you say, "Merry Christmas"!?

I also really, really like that pics of Natalie and her iphone. It's just really a great pic of her, and I like the setting and the color and the candid-ness of it. Really great.

Okay, so anyway, you are super lucky!

Shelley Eggett said...

How Fun! You are so incredibly lucky to have so many sisters. I had no idea about the tinfoil box thing. Gosh, that will make life so much easier. Such a fun post, I stared at all the pics for so long, you guys are all so beautiful. The bottom one is my favorite. So creative.

Cheralyn said...

So I too will admit that I had no idea about the tinfoil thing either so we are in the same boat there. Love all your pics as usualy totally makes me miss my sisters and having fun together. You look so beautifual as usual! Miss ya lots!

Cheralyn said...

By the way I am moving to Utah most likely at the end of next month so if we do I will most definitely have to plan to see ya at some point. I will be moving to Clearfield which is about 30 minute north of Salt Lake.

Carol said...

I didn't know about the aluminum foil thingy either! Wow! And I thought I knew everything... I'm wishing I had more sisters after seeing all these great pictures. I only have ONE!

Team Burton said...

Wow, was this post ever informational and amazing! First, I can't believe there are so many comments about people not knowing about the tin foil flap things (this put a lot into perspective as a teacher). You know...you don't know what you don't know! Second, I have never been sad to be an only child, you and your sisters are beautiful(you should all be thankful for your genes!) Lastly, the non-baby shower was so cute...never wanted a baby but I want the non-shower. Absolutely Awesome!

Mimi said...

Thanks ladies! It is crazy! I wish I could remember the other things that we collectively didn't know. I'll have to ask them and that can be another post. It was my first blessing way, and I loved it!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so fun! love all the pics, makes me miss my sisters too, although i don't have as many as you! how fun. i also didn't know the foil thing...just looked at mine and saw it and laughed! learn something new every day right! It was great meeting boonie and regan at your bday...boonie is such a cute preggo! love you!

Brimaca said...

I want a sister so bad! :) And I still get a little jealous when I read this because I wanted Suz to marry my brother Jamie but he barfed on her on their date (riding a roller coaster) so maybe that's why things didn't work out. ;) I had no idea about the tinfoil thing either!