Jun 22, 2011

The Land of the Lilacs... and livestock

I figured out why I love lilacs so much.  After coming back home and going on walks with my dad I realize that lilacs are everywhere here.  I am not exaggerating... we passed over 50 lilacs just on our walk.  They smell of my childhood. That is why I love them.  In our first home...the "yellow house" an entire side of the house was lined with lilacs.  The smell of lilacs takes me right back there... picking the tiny blossoms off one by one and sending them out to sail in the bird bath. 

They grow in mass quantities here, and have wonderfully hearty clusters of blossoms- I love it!  I tried to plant lilacs in Washington, but had zero success.  One year for Mother's Day the kids gave me a lilac bush, but it is still as big as the day they gave it to me.  I think it just rained too too much for my little lilacs to stand a chance.

Another fun part of walks around these parts.. (didn't I just sound all country there?) is the livestock.  We pass many a field of animals.  Mostly horses and cows, but the occasional... um... actually I have no idea what that little tiny animal is called.  I'm thinking pygmy goat, but that is just a stab.  It was tiny whatever it is.  Ellie wants to stop and pet all the animals.  She loves horses! Luckily she is not allergic. Jensen unfortunately suffers anytime he is around a horse. 

Oh, and we can't forget the horse chillin' with the mini donkey.  I have to admit this is the most beautiful place to live.  More landscape pictures to come.  I keep looking up at all the mountains in awe.  I completely forgot how beautiful it is.  It is really really really pretty here!


Katie said...

Yes, very beautiful! Reminds me of the Ellensburg Valley. Glad you posted these pictures. What fun memories your kids are going to have from living there. I too, love Lilacs and fortunately, they grow well here.

I assume you've been watching SYTYCD? I just figured out that Caitlyn is from Moses Lake--amazing! That's our nearest town to shop, run errands and go to the movies at :) A home towner! Just wanted to throw that out at ya :) I've never voted but am this season.

Mimi said...

OH Yes!! I love SYTYCD!! It is my favorite show!

We could have gotten together to watch it, but I had to go and move away!