Jun 27, 2011

Teach a boy to fish....

and he will bed/plead/pester/annoy you to take him back EVERY DAY!
My dad has a hobby...well he has a few, but next to farming he likes to go fishin'.  I have met two of the fishing buddies so far.  Lucky for Jense, his grandpa is willing to take him, and has taken him every time Jensen has asked. In fact, this last week they went two nights back to back.

Jensen does have quite the knack for fishing.  One night when I went with him, of all the people with their lines cast... Jense kept pulling out the fish.  The limit is 4 and he reached his while all the other fisherman were wondering what in the world he had on his hook.

Jense and Andrew each caught some fish.

Feeding the ducks

Did I mention it is beautiful here? 

Mia's new obsession is the slide!  If she sees one, she will demand, "Go Down the Slide!!" grabbing your hand until you get on board.  Maybe we should get her a slide for her birthday. 

One of the fishing trips included all the cousins that live here.  We made Navajo tacos... yum!

Ellie is not super impressed with fishing, but always wants to go so she can play on the playground.  Her first time fishing was on fish day or something and she caught two fish herself.  I think she was excited about it, but when they got home she was sad because the fish was dead.

Sam was interested, but got a little scared.  He isn't sure about fish, but Looooves dogs!

Sweet little Mia loved reeling in the line.  Once Papa would cast it out she would reel it back in while looking out into the pond repeating, "wher'd uh fizzy go?"  Poor girlie just wanted to bring in a fish.  I should have had Jensen let her reel one in, but Jense is just so excited about being such a great fisherman that it's hard to pull it from his excited little hands.  Maybe next time we'll ask him if he wants to let Mia bring one in.  Knowing him, I'm sure he'll say yes.

Needless to say we have been eating a lot of fish around here!! Hello fish tacos. Luckily this family is no stranger to fish tacos. John had a fish taco quota that needs to be filled every couple of weeks. If you are looking for a killer recipe... look no further!  I will post it separately.  


Brimaca said...

Yay and I get to enjoy all the beauty in a couple of days!! Woot Woot

Shelley Eggett said...

mmmm......I love fish. That sounds so nummy right now. I want to take my girls fishing this summer. Did you just go to that pond in Midway? It looks familiar

Erin said...

Fun! I am always in awe at the beauty of Midway and Heber Valley when I go home. I am convinced is has gotten even MORE beautiful since I've been gone. I don't remember it being so gorgeous and for sure didn't appreciate the beauty when I was a teenager... we were so lucky to grow up in a beautiful place! I'm coming home in a few weeks and would love to get together! I will let you know!

Holen Family said...

We also love the wasatch pond! We visit the ducks regularly. Looks like you are enjoying Midway. It is a beautiful place. I am looking forward to the fish taco recipe. That is my husbands favorite dinner.

Mimi said...

Yes, good ol' state park! I can't tell you how crazy the fishing is. Since I wrote this... they have been fishing three more times. They catch the limit so quickly. I think he he will be disappointed for the rest of his life after having such a fabulous fishing summer!

Brit and Erin, come visit!! I would love it.

I will get that recipe asap. I forgot I put that on there.

Sarah said...

Mimi, it looks like you are living in paradise! What an incredibly beautiful and fun place and to have your family to boot? I don't know if it's possible to have it better than that :) I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun!