Jun 8, 2011

We are Home and Happy!

Mia was discharged on Saturday afternoon.  Today she is finally 100% back to being Mia.  It took a few days for her to gain some strength back.  She lost some weight and was little miss frail for a minute there.  She was 23 lbs in the hospital... pretty sure Sam weighs more than her at this point.  After a continual consumption of pediasure, I think she has put on at least a little weight. I'm hoping at least.  She looks good, and her follow up went well.

Tonight after Ellie's baseball game John took the kids to get ice cream.  He brought one home for miss Mia.  She kept getting ice cream in her hair, and after when we tried to wash it out... her hair-do turned into "the claw."  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the claw (I admit I was a fan) but it is funny to see on her for some reason. 

You can't see it very good in the picture, but it is there. The claw that is

Since all of our sporting equptment is in storage... papa made a baseball T for the kids to practice on.  Mia was interested so first daddy showed her what to do. 

Then Ellie tried to teach her 

Then she went off on her own

In all the pictures I took of her hitting the ball she was concentrating so hard!
 Check out her little tongue.

She totally get's this from me... and John likes to make fun of my focus facials. 

Elvis loves this tree!  She can't stay off of it.  After she broke a bunch of branches she had to rethink her climbing techniques.  She is up to her usual shenanigans of mothering those younger than herself and staying busy busy busy.

Jense found a nest and is pretty pumped about his discovery!  He keeps it in a safe place outside.  I think he is secretly hoping that some birds might take residence in his nest soon.  Jense has been having a great time playing with his siblings.  They were laughing so hard tonight... for hours.  They kept making up chants about bumbershoot, which is strange because I never took them to bumbershoot.  When Mia chants the chant she calls it "bubba shirt" and the kids squeal with delight at her pronunciation.  She will also throw out a "bum bum shirt" because the kids can't breathe from laughing so hard.  She loves to be the clown. 

I have a great post headed your way... and no I am not pregnant! Let's just get that out of the way right now.  It is taking me weeks to write, but I'll have it done soon.  Life pretty much stops when we are trying to get Mia on the mend, but we are back in full swing. 

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