Jul 18, 2011

The BEST over the top fancy birthday party of my life time!!

Welcome to my 30th birthday surprise party post.  There is a lot to cover.  This post took me a million hours.  Ok, not a million, but I it took me FOREVER to get the pictures on here.  I have the best people in my life.... ok... you can go now... and read it. 

My friend Jaime buddy make this awesomely delicious cake. I am no stranger to her chocolate frosting and often have dreams of her Texas sheet cake.  I ate 1/2 of this in the car on the ride home and the other 1/2 the next morning for breakfast.  That's the level of addiction were dealing with. Thanks Jaime- You are the dessert queen!

On top of the cake Jaime buddy along with Annalisa, Jen, and Crystal made an entire table full of delicious treats!  It couldn't believe it!  It was a cupcake and chocolate covered strawberry explosion! Don't they look delicious? mmmm. TASTY!

That is a lot of candles... I think they miscounted.

My friend Rachel was in charge of all of the decorations.  My face was on the decorations... and they were edible too... not my face... that's weird... a peppermint patty my face was glued to. I am still so embarrassed about all of this.  Keep reading to hear the scoop on how they fooled me.

Being the fantastic photographer that she is my girl Rebecca set up a photo booth for people to take pictures.  What a cute and creative idea... totally stealing it!  The props were awesome as well. 

Is this not the cutest idea or what?  She set up a studio... at the party!! I can't get over it.

Everyone was waiting down in the sports court below and I was clueless what was going on.  I thought we were in Lakewood... at a restaurant... just me and JB. 

"Beeps" was in charge of making all the food.  From what I was told it was a combined effort with the sisters, my mother in law and JB.  They were soooo sneaky. 

My Father in Law- good good man.

I have no idea what I was saying but I look crazy enough. 
This is my girl Rache... she was in charge of all the super fancy decorations.  She is the fanciest decorator I know. Hire her if you need home decor help! She is the BOMB! She picked out the curtains I had in my house and when we were moving I had quite a few people want them.

My Aunt Lani and Uncle Rick. I love these two!  
They were the only my side of the family present until.... (read on)

The biggest surprise of all was when my two sisters showed up.  Remember me saying that I told John I wanted him to fly in some sisters?  I didn't think it was going to happen because we were moving there... but they came!  They showed up a little after the surprise so my reaction was caught on camera.

If anything could have possible made this birthday better- it was having these girls there.  It was so fun to see their faces! I am a sister lover!

I was shocked- and excited- and couldn't stop smiling all night!

The Colvins.  Carol, aka "coach" is starting a life coaching career... 
she is really good at what she does.  The goal I set during her class has been achieved. 
Yeah, she's that good! :-) It may be the only goal I get to.

Bethie- the one who deceived me the most :-)  She used to be so innocent... ;-) Story below.

Grandma - Grandpa Conway- fabulous grandparents! Love them!

My sister in laws.  Love these two!
I wish i could beam myself and the kids up to visit them.  I miss them and my kids miss their kids.  They are planning the big family camp-out right now... sniff sniff.

JD and Analisa. Fanciest couple alive

The Carvers. Jenn is by far the fanciest party planner on the planet.  She is responsible for the fancy mustaches in the photo. She should be in business shortly!  Her parties put everyone's to shame. No lie.  

The Seesters- well four of us.

The ladies- These are most of my sis-in laws and mother in law.  I don't know where Carol was during this picture, (Carol where were you!!! ;-) but she was there too.  I am pointing to a pretty bracelet they gave me.  Since I was moving away (the next day) they presented me with a "sisterhood of the traveling bracelet."  I am supposed to do something cool while I'm wearing it and document it and send it on.  Hmmmm something cool. I might need some suggestions. 

This is supposed to be funny.  Just in case you think I wrote that... I did not

These are two of my home girls.  Jaime Buddy and Analisa.  What more can I say other than they are fantastic.  They know me well and still like me.  I think.  :-) It's difficult knowing I moved away from such wonderful friends.  I heart them big time!

Rebecca, along with JB was the mastermind of it all.  She fooled me... the un fool-able.  I still don't know how I didn't know jack squat.  Ok, wait I do know.  She purposefully sent people to "throw me off."  She had significant people in my life call/text etc asking what we should do for my birthday."  I truly truly thought nothing was going on because people were offering to do something, and already bringing me gifts, and saying goodbye, that I had no idea.  She knows me well and knows I would have known something was up UNLESS she sent in messengers. She was also in cahoots with John and the two of them together really made me believe that I was just going out to eat with John.  One night after I was out with Beth I was convinced that nothing was happening because she said she knew nothing... and this girl DOESN'T LIE.  or at least I thought. :-)  She was a good little actress and I am still  shocked by the deception. Moral of the story is Rebecca knows me well, and knew I needed a little extra deception.  She got a good laugh night after night at comments I would make or telling her about someone offering to throw a party.  I thought I threw a good surprise party... but she takes the cake.  Thanks again so much, I can't say it enough.  Thank you thank you. It was the perfect party.

She is the greatest friend a girl could have. 
I miss her so!  She thought of everything... she even made a video.  Somehow they gathered clips from family members right behind my back to make the video.  I should have suspected something when my sister in law Shila had Rebecca's video camera... but no, I just commented, "Oh Rebecca has that exact video camera!" She told me that she liked it...I feel so foolish now.  I loved listening to all the messages to me. It is a treasure to have! Thank you so much for this and everyone who participated/ helped.  Steph I know you spent time getting it all together and fancy- Thank you!  Did I mention I love it?  Cause I do. It is priceless to me. Oh, and she is responsible for all the pictures... and she even uploaded some to blogger for me.  Now that is going above and beyond! She is the photog queen!

We love cheesy poses! ;-)  and we love finding cheesy poses online! Her husband used to tease us that we shared a brain.  I think he might of been insulting us, but the jokes on him because it was a compliment!  :-) More on this chica soon.
Since we share a brain and all I must expound on how smart she is ;-)


More Party People! After uploading one by one... and it taking mucho tiempo... I just put them all together. So many people I love and am tickled pink that they came to my 30th birthday party.  Most of these photos are of family and a few of friends.  My bishop and his wife even came.  Angela was my angel during our hospital stay with Mia.  While my mom was finishing school she took my kids every day and even home schooled them for me.  I love her and her kids! Ashley and Jake, our good friends hosted the party at their castle.  Yes... a castle. Read more below.

I felt so special and loved... very very loved!! Thank you Family and Friends. 


Now this is the spirit!! I love these girls. I wish I had pictures of everyone who came acting... um crazy!  I love having all of these pictures! 

These are a lot of the party people that didn't want to take part in the photo booth fun.  Soooo... he he (evil voice) I will post pictures of them... eating!! So mean!  Ry and Shanna were the fancy drink makers.  The drinks offered were Mojitos and Shirley Temples my two favorites!! Seriously no detail went overlooked!  They served Fish tacos and regular tacos.  Ya know... cinco de mayo food.  It was delicious... all of it. 

Blowing out my ridiculous amounts of candles....one step closer to that cake!!  Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful gifts!  I am still embarrassed thinking about this party... and the gifts.  I am not much of a blusher, but I think I was in constant blush mode! I was soooo thrown off.  This doesn't happen to me!  I am senorita detective... but I knew nothing! 

JB definitely out did himself and definitely kept a good secret! I love this boy! I know I say this in every other post but.... "am i lucky or what!?" 

Smoochy Smoochy!

This is the John and Mimi pose.  
We have a wedding photo like this and it drives me NUTS!  So, what do I do? I reenact it... and often. It's the hand placement and fingers tight together that bothers me. 

CP is Rebecca's husband and he be crackin' me up.  John and Chris had a lot of fun making fun of me and Rebecca over the years.  They've got jokes... and they know it.  The best thing about John boy and CP is that they are their own biggest fans. We tried not to encourage them but we usually gave in and laughed along with them.  CP was such a great friend to JB- we miss you guys already! Oh and he was also the DJ for most of the night.  He picked some great songs!


John made me sit inside this "tent" inside of the truck.  It was a pretty creative tent although it was resting on my hair.  I wasn't worried about my hair... maybe I should have been- but again I thought I wasn't going to see anyone.  I definitely would have tried harder on my hair :-)

Ashley my sweet friend and her husband Jake operated the castle for weddings, and I guess my party could have easily qualified as a reception. :-)  It was soooo fancy!  They are so gracious and wonderful.  I was thrilled that my party was at a castle!  I truly felt like a princess.  This event was definitely right up there with my wedding reception.  I was blown away... I can't say it enough.   Thanks so much Jake and Ashley!!  We miss you guys!

My two cutest nephews were there the whole time valleting everyones cars.  I couldn't believe it.  The funny thing is when we drove up (I was blind folded) I thought we were at a restaurant because someone took our truck.  Nope, it was the vallet boys. They really are the cutest most mature for their age boys.  More pictures to come of BJ... I took some senior pics of his handsome face.  Do I really look almost double their age?  

If you haven't had enough of this birthday post yet... BUCKLE UP, because my favorite thing about the party was the FLASH MOB!!! Who gets a flash mob for their birthday?!!?  Me, that would be me ;-)  It was so fun. I loved it.  I wish I had been part of it.  My girl Jenn was the flash mob coordinator and had people come to her house to practice it.... I still can't believe you guys did this.  The gal in front is my sister in law Bethie... yes the liar ;-)  She is a fabulous dancer.  Between the two of them I was completely surprised and was on cloud nine watching all my peeps dance to dancin' in the street.  Oh and if you watch the video watch for JB... he is so hot doing the flash mob.  

Here is a video of the flash mob... and some other party moments.  

I'm 30! I have great people in my life! I had the the best party ever! 
Thanks again to everyone who planned this party!  
Now I'm off to learn the flash mob... I definitely see a flash mob in my future!


Kevin and Andrea said...

SO FUN Mimi! What a fabulous way to ring to 30! Your friends and family really out did themselves. I LOVED it all!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Kevin and Andrea said...

Oooops! I meant "ring in 30!"

Four "men" and a Lady said...

Aw I'm loving this post! What a fun night! The pictures turned out so cute and that dessert was so yummy, there was so much I was handing out boxes full at the end! We were so happy to host it at the castle, it was an honor! We miss you guys, come visit us in CA! p.s. love the pictures from Mia's birthday, so so cute! Happy 3 yrs to her! :)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that was such a fun night and i miss you soo much! we will definitely have to do a girls weekend someday like we talked about! thanks for posting all the photo booth pics of everyone...they were fun to see! love ya

Jennifer said...

It was the greatest party that ever was. Making you happy made me happy and only one thing makes me happier... I am not in a single picture ( and hardly noticeable in the video)!! Miss ya!



Erin said...

That looks like it was great!! Happy 30th Mimi. You look great!

Mimi said...

Jenn- What? not in any pictures?? Boy o boy are you going to regret bringing that to my attention :-) I am going to go back through, just you wait.

I miss you mucho!

Mimi said...

Leah, I am weird. I'll admit it. I'm just thrilled I am in good company ;-) I'm glad I moved across the street from you. I could listen to you talk all day! In fact, the other day I said: "What do you need Luff" to Mia. You are already rubbing off on me!!!

Shelley Eggett said...

That is one amazing party! You are very loved Meems.