Jul 2, 2011

Father's Day

Today was a great day! I can hear my husband playing games with the kids in the other room.  They are laughing and laughing. It is a really loud game of whatever they are playing...some killing bug game or something.  Every couple minutes I hear them shout "VICTORY!"

 Daddy painted the nails of his, "bebe girls."

The kids enjoyed giving their cards and gifts to their daddy.  Jense decided to drive his card in on his "mote catrol."  That kid is always doing something creative. 

The kids loaded him up on treats, cookies, and nuts! I'm pretty sure the kids and myself ate all of the cookies.  heh heh.  He really is a great daddy and my kids are lucky to have him.

We also celebrated Father's day for my dad. I gave him an awesome fathers day card that reads: Remember when I lived under your roof... etc etc etc. Then the punch line stated: "why did I ever move out?" I crossed that out and put: "I'm BACK!... aren't you glad?"

My dad is great to me and my kids.  He caters to them and is willing to do pretty much whatever they ask.  It is so nice to have someone pushing the stroller on our walks.  I thought that pushing two kids in a stroller would slow him down, but he still leaves me in the dust.

Oh, and for Father's Day he FINALLY let me cut his hair!! I have been asking to cut his hair since I went to college (my roommate taught me how).  I started out cutting John's hair and whatever other of his roommates needed a cut.  I don't know why, but I like to cut hair.  My dad never thought I had the chops, but he finally gave in.  I happen to think his hair looks awesome!  I'll let you know if he lets me cut it again.  Maybe it was a one time... stop asking... what can one time hurt time hair cut.  My mom has been letting me cut her hair for years so maybe he has been influenced :-) 

Happy Father's Day JB and Dad!

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