Jul 30, 2011

Mia and "Mitty"

Mia and "Mitty."

Mia has asked for Misty a few times since we've been here in Utah.  She came every week to help Miss Mia get caught up developmentally.  We love her!  She came for Mia's benefit,  but she ended up chatting with me the entire time.. Shhhhh! Not really, she actually did both, but she became a built in friend and I looked forward to her visits.   We miss her soo much!  For at least a month when the door bell would ring Mia would gasp and yell, "Mitty!!!"  Poor thing.  It was never Mitty... just some neighbor kids :-)

Misty- I am happy to report that Mia is doing GREAT!  She is just a talking/running/self help improving little ray of sunshine.  You were thrilled with every little accomplishment she made, and it was so great to have someone in her life with so much joy and enthusiasm.  We miss your laughing at every little thing that went on in our household... heaven knows you witnessed a lot of funny things over the years!  Thanks so much for being part of our family... We think the world of you!

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