Jul 8, 2011

My little girl turns 3

Mia turns 3 today!! I am so happy!

She is such a joy and I can't believe that 3 years have gone by since she came into our lives.  In many ways it feels like much longer, but looking at her now she couldn't be more happy and healthy.

I want to write down some things she is up to so I can remember her at this fun age.

- She will give Sammy kisses and when she does she says, "oh sammy."  She is sweet 99% of the time to her brother.

- She loves chocolate milk and will say "chocuught PLEEESE!" at least 3 times a day.  For a while it was just "Chwah-cut!"

- Strawberry Shortcake is her favorite thing right now. She has a "shu boo cake" quota to fill everyday whether it's watching a shu boo cake show or wearing her favorite shu boo cake shoes.

-"Nuggle" wimper like a little puppy while she is snuggling a pillow.

-grabs your face and kisses you on the lips.

- "Where's Elle?"

- sings along to "Adventure to the moon" DVD and to twinkle.

- Mia is a very happy girl and you can see it when she is constantly galloping around and will randomly jump up in the air flailing her arms. You would think she was on a horse all the time with how she travels.  When she is running toward us gallop-style, her little legs fly up in front of her and she barely touches them back down before they are up again.  I have no idea how she doesn't fall every time.

- She loves slides and must do each one over and over. 

- has to have her olivia pillow case

 - At the end of the day she will remove her socks and try to get the lint out from between her toes.
   She does this religiously and will demand our help until every last spec is cleaned out.  So random. 

 - She hollers "Melcome!" for you're welcome, when she is really trying to say thank you.  

-"Thank you!  pause pause paus... SO MUCH!"

- "you're da bessss!"

- Papa, go fishin dugh-day?" Then my dad repeats her then she nodes her head intently and says, "yes!"

- Yes!"  She says yes often and with an intense head nod.

- When she is ready for me to stop brushing her hair she will ask, "pretty? pretty? pretty?"  which means she wants me to stop brushing and put the pretty (hair band) in.

- Her communication skills have really kicked in and she is able to tell us pretty much anything.  We of course have to have a Mia pronunciation guide, but she is able to tell us pretty much everything she needs and thinks.

- She is a big fan of the "dip dip."  Essentially ketchup is dip dip and she needs it... frequently.

-"Tada!" When she is done getting dressed or completing anything for that matter she will yell "Tada!"

- "uummm baby!"  This is something my dad taught her to say when she likes eating something.

- "Go ouside?"  This girl loves to be outside.  Too bad it is so stinking hot out there. 

- "Love you...SO MUCH MOM!"  She is so affectionate and sweet.  I just eat it up.

- When she knows she is being funny she kicks into crazy mode and will keep acting like the clown. This is usually followed by laughing that you can barely hear because she is barely breathing.

 Mia we love you SO MUCH!  You are our little princess and we just can't get enough of you!  Happy 3rd Birthday little one! 


Jessica LaChance said...

Happy Birthday Mia. May there be many many more years of fun birthdays and many many laughs. Glad you are doing so well and cannot wait till the day I can meet you. You are a precious little girl and I am just loving watching you grow.

To Mimi and the family - I cannot be more pleased and I am so happy that I could give your little girl life. I am glad that I found you on here. I have felt like things are finally starting to look up and knowing that your precious baby girl is so happy helps heal the pain i've felt in my heart for the last 3 years. Looking at precious Mia and seeing the life she has and is able to have in the future is a wonderful feeling. Jacob lives on in her and I can see it when she smiles and when she's laughing in the pictures. Mia is Jacob. Lots of love and very happy.

We love you guys and look forward to the day we get to meet.

Kevin and Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I really can't believe she's THREE! Wow! I loved hearing about all her little words and quirks. What a sweetie!

What a little miracle she is!

Family Scads said...

Happy Birthday, cute Mia! What a perfect, beautiful thing she is. I can't believe it's been three years. She looks so great. I hope you are all doing great and adjusting to the move in Utah. Is John doing Nursing School? If so, you will love having a husband for a nurse. I know that I do!

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh my goodness, I love all those pictures of her. She is so beautiful and so happy! I love all the little things she says and does, she sounds like such a joy. What a little miracle!

Katie said...

She is an absolute doll. Love these pictures of her! They surely catch her personality :) And that first comment, how special and sweet...your little girl is such a miracle and oh so loved. Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Mia!

Mimi said...

Jessica, Once again I am so touched by your comment. Thank you! We cannot wait to meet you either. What a neat day that will be for Mia and myself. Just today Mia was listening that sweet heart beat with my husbands stethoscope. He is part of her and we love him and love you too. Thank you!

Brimaca said...

I love this baby girl. She is so precious. She and Lib will hopefully get along fabulously. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Baby Mia is doing so great!!!! I am laughing at how she and Karlee are developmentally identical!!!! We miss you guys!
Love, Devon, Karlee and Ryan Jenkins!