Jul 12, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Explosion

Mia's birthday was delicious.   I have wanted to serve party drinks in these glass jars for awhile now. Mia's b-day was the perfect occasion.  The paper straws didn't show up in time, but I'm still in love with this idea.  It saw it on Martha.  My mom made these yummy winter strawberries.  When it comes to winter strawberries you either love em' or you hate em'.  I love them!  My sisters love them too. You couldn't pay John to eat one.  Ellie helped me make the party favors.  It is just a 1 inch cellophane wrapper with berry Mike 'n' Ikes in it.... with a sticker on top.  I have a lot of molding chocolate so this was a perfect opportunity to use some, and I made some strawberry shaped suckers that tasted like coconut oil...YUM!  And last, remember those retro fruit shaped candies with powder inside?  I couldn't resist...they are strawberry shaped.  We had plenty of goodies for everyone!  I am still enjoying the favors a few days later. 

My two loverly sisters made Mia's cake.  Isn't it fabulous? I love it!  She did too!  Thanks so much Rae and Nat for your mad skillz.  I wanted to come help but everything fell apart that day. Seriously...crawl space was flooded (my kids) dishwasher stopped working, and ice machine had a bag stuck in it. Basically my dad can't keep up with the repairs.  The cake made it all better.

The party was perfect for Mia.  We covered her favoite things slides, bubbles, balloons, candles, chips, and "dog dogs."  Everything she could possible need to be happy ;-) This was just a cute picture of Elvis and her cute little friends.

We also had a strawberry patch full of yummy treats that the kids had to search for their goodies.  After all of the candy was discovered I think it was quickly forgotten (at least by Mia and Sam) and playing in the "patch" was more of a treat. Mia and Swide thought it was a real pool.  So cute!
This little face brings such joy to my soul.  Look at her. so stinkin' sweet! She is just so happy and full of life.  She was a big fan of her cake and was able to blow out one of her candles.  The wind took care of the rest.  I hope she wished for something great!

My mom and dad were big contributors to Mia's party.  My mom pretty much helped with everything, and my dad packed it all up, made his "fair share" of trips to the store, and packed it all home.  Thanks you two.  One of Mia's favorite toys was a play horse she got from the Bowns.  She hasn't figured out the button yet, but squeals with delight once the galloping noises begin.  Mia is so fun to give gifts to because she gasps over and over.  Every time she was opening a gift she would gasp in anticipation and once it was revealed she would yell, "TADA!" She is just so fun.  To top of the party we had strawberry shortcake.  We should have just eaten the cake, but how can you pass up serving Strawberry Shortcake at a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party?

Mia, your family loves you to pieces!  I hope you enjoyed your "Shubu cake" party! 


Shila said...

Looks like a great party! Miss you guys!

Team Burton said...

I wish I could have come to this party! I am kind of confused by the strawberries you made out of Mike and Ikes? Should I know about these...Winter Strawberries?

Brimaca said...

I wish we could have made it. What a great party!!!!! We missed you at church today. We are headed back to Panguitch for Mon. and Tues. We'll meet up soon after that! Maybe you all can meet us up at my parents' campsite in Strawberry for some smores. How does that sound? See you soon. I can't wait to meet Mia!!!!

Mimi said...

Ames, the winter strawberries are made out of Cocnut, nuts, strawberry jello, and sweet and condensed milk. They are soo tasty! The mike n' ikes were what I put in the little party favors with the sticker on the top. If you want to try the winter strawberries I will send you the recipe. I would have LOVED for you to come. You need to come visit me and we can go to TF.

Mimi said...


That sounds great! You have my numba! Just call me and let me know your plan. So excited.