Jul 6, 2011

Things we do on the 4th

1) We attempt to dress in red white and blue
2) We take pictures- surprise surprise


3) We get all the grandkids minus a wee babe together to take a picture with Nana/Papa
4) We learn not to take a way bottles for pictures 
5) We toss some kids around (uncle Nathan)
6) We push some kids around... on a bike (Suz)
7)We sit and and relax
8)We eat a lot of yummy food
9) We laugh
10)We play catch, and maybe put a dent in a car
11) We sort through old memories (Jess)
12)We look through pictures taken in the 80's...then laugh some more
13) We lost some teeth... or got one pulled out rather
13) We sport our new fancy hair cut! 
JB insisted that Sammers get a hair cut- he was a little squirmy, but it still turned out super cute.  He looks so much older with his new do.  He turned into a toddler with one hair cut.
14) Watched fireworks off of the hill
15) Went fishing
16) Played at the park and went "down da hole" (slide) over and over
17) Ate yummy ice cream
18) Sat under the overhang trying not to get wet from the rain
19) got super dirty (my kids)


The fireworks were great this year!  We went to a block party with my sister a few days before the forth and watched a pretty elaborate fireworks show.  Sam cried.  He quickly got over it and started oooing and awwing.  It was a good introduction into the booming lights.  During all of the fireworks he pointed intently while cooing and some times doing his little dance.  He loved it.  It was fun to watch him enjoy the fireworks.  He also made a continual nummy noise while eating Rae's pink salad.  It was tasty! This fourth was special because my sister Jess came into town.  It was fun to see her kiddos.

Mia loved doing the sparklers.  She was pretty upset that she only got to do one.  We'll have to buy a bunch for the 24th.  Jense of course was really into lighting the fireworks and Ellie missed a lot of the fireworks because she was busy getting the homemade ice cream to everyone.  That's my girl. It was a great day.

20) We celebrate our freedom!!
Happy 4th of JULY

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The Simmons Family said...

Those are FANTASTIC firework pictures... mine looked like colorful blobs.

Glad you had a great 4th! I miss Utah on the 4th.. it was always so fun. Arizona is just too hot and ick to sit outside and watch the show.. and it's illegal to set off your own.