Aug 11, 2011

Beautiful Canyon and Beautiful Kids

For Father’s day we met the sibs and their families in Provo Canyon.  There is an array of lovely places to have a barbecue in the canyon, but the place we ended up going had these great rock formations for kids to climb on.

Sammers and Mia were adorable climbing the wall. Sam didn’t do any climbing… he just did clinging… and then we left him there and took a bunch of pictures. He is already so much bigger than when these were taken. I miss his long hair.

Once they reached the top the most logical thing was to jump off. Ellie is a big fan of her uncle Nathan…and his willingness to do stunts. I think I heard her scream, “Uncle Nathan catch me!!” at least a dozen times. We’re new on the scene, so he couldn’t say no. ☺

The other cousins got in on the action of climbing and jumping. Ellie also got to do some flips with uncle Nathan. Jense did one jump... then he decided that climbing up and back down was more his style.

Mia can often be found with Aunt Nat. It’s a true love affair! Last month Mia had a girls night with Nat. When I came to pick her up she was freshly bathed, her hair braided, and a brand new pair of fancy pajams on. "Shuu buu" cake jammies that she wants to wear all the time I might ad. She even had her fingers and toes painted. Maybe we can make an appointment once a week. On the way home Mia kept saying, “bye bye Nat… tank yoo Nat.” We all spoil this little thing… she is so easy to love and so far is showing no signs of being spoiled. so far.

My dad wanted to take a picture of his daughters with their daughters… he is in camp “girls rule” and is vocal about his preference in his daughters having daughters.  I think it is a form of snobbery because he had all girls… and although I’m sure he always wanted a boy, he was “blessed” with all girls and thinks girls are the only way to go.  Don’t get me wrong… he loves his grandsons…he is just thinks the girls are, well…better. You have to be in the family to understand I’m sure.  He is partial to girls and we just accept it with the occasional eye roll now and again.  He told my sister in law a few days ago that she must be “livin’ right” to have four girls.  The rest of us with boys are all being punished!! ;-)  We actually have a lot of fun with his bias…. Like insist on a boy picture after the girl picture.  The mom’s are all over making sure the boys get equal treatment…. Or maybe it’s just me.  Don't mess with a moma and her boys! :-)

Abbers is quite the little cutie.   I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… every angle is a beautiful one in the canyon… I just love the landscape! I feel like an outsider discovering all of the beauty even though this is where I grew up. 

I think I've mentioned this before, but Sammers is a total ladies man.  He lunges for any woman.  He is especially fond of his Nana and his aunties.  Some times when I want him back he wants to stay.  It is a little sad, but it frees up my arms to take pictures.  He is our friendly boy and I only get sad if he hands out snuggles and I am just a spectator.

I just like this pic of little swide.  She doesn't have Sammers addiction... she is all moma. She lets me take pictures though, so I can't complain. 


The oldest cousin can often be found sleepin' on the job.  I moved back from Washington and I have a nephew who grew up without me taking note.  He has full blown teenager status looming and has girls showing up at his door wanting his attention… was I really gone that long?

  John boy and Nathan did what all boys do… go play a sport while the women clean up.  JUST KIDDING.  It was supposed to be a father’s day celebration after all. I love the mountains in the background.  The pictures don’t do it justice… it was a beautiful time of evening.   I think the canyon is my new favorite place. 

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Brimaca said...

Provo Canyon is my favorite place on earth. And I'm wondering why I didn'task you to take pics of my kids while I was there. I'll pay you. Next year? :)