Aug 3, 2011

A Boy and his Boat

Jense has a few carpentry for kids books on his book shelf.  He woke up one morning and asked my dad if he would help him make this boat.  My dad was of course up to the task.

Jense read the directions carefully, but mostly relied on his Papa to know what to do. The pictures in this book are AWESOME! It was definitely published in the 80's. 

They cut all the pieces using the big ol' saw in the garage.

Made some holes using..... that tool.

Once Sammers was up from his nap he was right in the mix.  

This kid is on the Move. I can't keep up with him.  He is fast and CURIOUS.  And I shouldn't leave out the obvious... ADORABLE!  

Jense making his final measurments getting ready to glue.  I love this kid!

The finishing touch was the paint.  He painted his boat and got it all ready for sailing.  I didn't take a picture of this but it says, "USS PIANO" on the side.  Nana named it... I think she thought it was huge so she called it USS Piano. 

Jense has spent many an hour floating his boat. hardy har har!   He has taken it to the state park a few times, nearby streams, and Deer creek.   To say he loved this boat wouldn't even come close to describing his enthusiasm.   He really really really loves his boat.  In fact he is all geared up to have a BOAT party for his birthday.  He wants everyone who attends to make a wooden boat. 
Luckily that has already been cleared with his Papa. 

Dad, you know what you got yourself into right?  :-)  Maybe I should put in my requests for wooden projects.  Hey dad, can you whip up a wooden rocking chair?  The instructions are all right here :-)

Jensen came down a few days later with a different page in his book open and his heart set on a go-kart.  He is now determined to make a go-kart. 
I keep telling him that he will have to earn money for the wheels first. 

He is my little creator. I wish I was better in the woodworking department.  I did take woodworking in high school.  I made a stool.... and something else.  I loved it, but I was always afraid that I was going to lose a hand.  They scare you to death in preparation for using the big machinery. 

last thing about the USS Piano.  On one of it's voyages at the state park Jensen drew quite a crowd, and the kids that had been there to fish decided that the boat was more interesting.  Jensen let all the kids who wanted a turn float his boat...(still funny).  I imagine when he finally gets his go-kart built he will do the same thing.  John is set on buying a go-kart instead of building one.  We'll see who wins.  


Team Burton said...

This is awesome! Your dad is so cute...even though he did pick me up in my desk once and physically place me out in the hall. Note: I totally deserved it and I wish I could do a lot worse to my students on a daily basis!

Brimaca said...

Ha ha on the comment above. And...that was a cute post. Jensen is an awesome kid! M would love it if someone helped him make something like that. Only problem is...I have no idea who would!

Mimi said...

Ames... I remember that. I'll have to tell you a story sometime.

You are my hero for being a teacher... I couldn't handle it. I am sure you are awesome with your kids.