Aug 6, 2011

Daddy Day

Daddy keeps pretty busy these days.  He studies a lot!!!  Apparently Pharmacology is  a difficult class...or so he tells me :-) I've helped him study the drugs a time or two... it's sad that I know quite a few of them from living in a hospital.  Heart medication knowledge comes in handy when your husberdin has a test the next day.

The kids aren't used to him being gone so much.  Ellie even commented the other day that, "If we still lived in Washington daddy would be home more...he would eat with us."  It was kind of sad.  

He took the kids (and my camera) to the park to spend some quality time.  See look... they're demonstrating team work- might be the only time.  

Ellie is on her usual task of being the mother.

Funny thing about this picture is that Sam goes down all slides on his side.  Maybe it's a family thing. 

My boys!  I'm so glad I have boy...s! 


Yep, it's a family thing.  Apparently the side is the way to slide.  

More Daddy day er... Father's Day post to come.  I know I know too many Father's Day posts. 


Brimaca said...

I miss then. M misses Jensen a ton! Thanks for helping me out at Dairy Keen. I felt so disorganized and like things were out of control. You are a life-saver!

jayna said...

Hang in there John Boy! You are awesome!

p.s. Um, you guys, Sam is A-DORABLE. Just sayin.

Mimi said...


You are not disorganized- you were fabulous! I am sad that M won't make it to the party. sniff sniff.

Jayna. Thanks yo! We like him!