Aug 24, 2011

Ellie's Dream come True

The Dolans came into town!! The bonus about living in Utah is we get WA visitors.  They came into town for a wedding, but saved a few days for us.

Ellie has been counting down the days until her Carissa would be here.  There are dots on the calendar color coded for how many days had passed and how many days to go... she is hysterical.  We had to have a conversation EVERY DAY about how many days were left.  She wanted me to "show on my hands" how many days were left, they she would ask how many hours is that... and so on.  It was a little exhausting, but she couldn't contain her excitement.

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  These little girls.  Oh my heart.  They all held hands and walked over from the fair to the carnival.  Little miss Mia complete with sunhat and long sleeves and pants.  Poor kid.

I don't know why we wasted money at the ring toss but all of the kids got to toss a lot of rings.  No prizes were won, but I heard Mia say, "oh!" in an embarrassed voice a few times.  It was super cute.

I tried to enjoy the moment.  Part of me wanted to spray her in down in clorox (not really, but sanitizer) but I resisted the temptation and just let go.  I have been relaxing a lot this summer... she has done some really fun things (in germy places) and is happy as a clam- and healthy!  I think it is so hot here that the sun just kills all the germs :-)  Winter time will be a different story I'm sure.

Ellie got to ride one ride... because that is all the money she earned.  She chose the Ferris Wheel.  Good choice.  Initially I think she was scared, but got used to it after a few rotations.

I don't know why but now when I think of ferris wheel rides I think of an episode of PSYCH.  If you haven't seen that show, it is one of my favorites... and it's hilarious.

Jense took Mia on the Carosel.  

She got nervous that I left her there with Bro.  Luckily Bethie was there to save the day.  She has been doing so many daring things lately I thought she would be totally fine.  She asked to go again... sometimes they just need a little warming up.

The last ride of the day.  Two of the kids were going on and the man operating the ride let Ellie and Carrissa go on for free.  Lucky Ducks. 

Sam chattin' it up with his little cuz Leah.  These two were so cute the entire time.  Toddlers are just plain fun, and having two together doubles the entertainment. 

It was so fun to have you guys!  Hopefully there are more weddings to come and you can come stay for longer.  We can only keep Ellie an Carissa apart for so long. 

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