Aug 24, 2011

Farwell to the Final Missionary

The youngest cousin on my dad's side is off on his mission.  He still seems too young.  My brain doesn't allow people to grow up.  He will always be 12 or so in my mind.  He has grown up and is going to be a great missionary! 

The Wilson brothers.  Two of them are missing because they are spoiled and get to live in China.  :-)  My dad got all the girls and one of his sisters got all the boys.  His other sister got a good mix of both.  It was fun to get together with them all... it has been way too long.

Elvis and Abbs are little buddies.  I am glad she has a girl cousin here.  

She met some new first cousins and they kept busy building things. 

Butterfly girl. Not to be confused with ladybug girl.  She loves that book.  We used to read it every night.  She's moved on, but that book will always remind me of her. 

Papa and his two sisters.  I love how he hides his tie in his shirt so he doesn't drag it through his food.  More about my aunts to come. We recently got together again.  

Me and my cousins that were there... and sisters.  I wish we had hours more to talk.  We created our own "kid table" like back in the day.. although it wasn't a table, just a grouping of chairs under a canopy.  It was crazy hot in their backyard!  It didn't help that I was wearing a scarf... in the middle of summer.  Who does that?  I know I can't complain because my cousin (far left) lives in Arizona and lives in temperatures that I can't even fathom.   Sadly, there are no more farewells to bring us together, but hopefully we will have a reunion in the works pretty soon. 


Chell said...

I miss getting together with all the cousins.... Those bendy things look totally fun to build with!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

dying laughing about the scarf comment right now...last week in chicago i saw someone wearing a scarf and i said, it's summer who does that! apparently you! :) love the scarf though, i remember when you bought it! :)