Aug 21, 2011

Hope Kids

We joined "hope kids," coolest organization on the planet!  I didn't know anything about it until I moved here.  I met my first (in person) transplant family there.   I love seeing kids older than Mia having a "normal" life.  It gives me Hope! 
I know Hope Kids is for the Kids... but I stole all the hope that day.

I guess John's cohort (I have never liked that word... there has to be a better word) at school was suppose to take pictures of what they did on their break.  Allegedly there was a contest for who had the funniest picture. 

Jense had fun playing a long... he didn't stop having fun the entire day!  All of my kids were in Heaven.  We definitely need to go back to this place.  Again, another place that would/should have given me anxiety, but we did't pick up any yucky germs. 

Jense didn't stop moving the entire time.  I hardly saw the girls at all.   The dolan's were still with us and they were up in the jungle the entire time.  They were pink cheeked and on cloud nine.

Mia grew up a few years that day.  She ran around and climbed on anything neon colored, and had the time of her life.  She kept running over to me stating, "Mom, have fun!"  Then I would ask her, "Mia, are you having fun?"  She would exclaim, "Oh YES!"  Definitely a day of Hope.

Daddy was one of the kids.  He didn't stop moving either.  There was an entire room that you could shoot balls at people.  He really enjoyed that, and we took turns being the target.

 Mia kept throwing the balls and would laugh a little mischevious laugh every time she would hit someone.  She kept gathering balls as ammo, but would drop them... it was hilarious. 

They gave her a "shuu buu cake" doll for her birthday.  She was elated.  I love that she has a childhood obsession.  We are still going strong with the need for a little SSC in our lives... bi-daily.

I was so impressed with Hope Kids.  I am pumped for future activities.  When I grow up I want to organize something amazing like Hope Kids.  Thanks Hope Kids!!

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